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Fresh opinoins on an old idea

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I remember reading somewhere a while back, though my keyword skills are lacking, a suggestion that there be an anonymous way to bring caches to the admin's attention. There are a lot of caches out there that need to be looked at, those that remain temporarily unavailable for months on end, etc. Why is it necessary for the cache owner to know who recommends the cache be archived? I understand that it can be helpful to see the log, so they know why it is being suggested, but the identity of the cacher is not important. I think there are a lot of caches just lingering because people are afraid of a backlash from clicking that button. I had a very bad experience when I first started caching, I recommended the cache be archived, and I got unwanted emails and was accused of cache bashing. Now, there's no way I'm going to click the button, even if I know there is a serious problem with the cache. There is a reason for anonymous tip lines maintained by various law enforcement agencies. It allows people to do the right thing without fear of consequences.

Should cachers be allowed this luxury?



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Anonymous tip lines are so people who might have actually been involved peripheral with the person they are dropping the dime on to not get caught up in the investigation and thus more likely to snitch.


I feel a simple button to click to recommend archival is much too powerful a tool and can easily lead to abuse. Plus, it gives the approvers not information as to why the cache needs archiving therefore is practically useless.


An alternative is a form in which you could fill out explaining why you thing the cache needs archiving.


Or you can email a local approver directly explaining the situation.


Or you can create a sock puppet and recommend archival dirctly on the cache page with detailed information.


Personally, I go with the straight up archival recommendation and then, if necessary, follow up with an email to a local approver.





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I want the person reccomending my cache be archived to have some credibilty and I want their butt on the line.


If a person with no finds thinks my cache should be archived I'm not going to give it a lot of thought. If they do have a few finds under their belt then I'm a lot more likley to take their suggestion seriously and check out the cache.


My butt is on the line for having placed the cache. It's only fitting that a mere cache finder also be in a position to take some flack.


I really think it would do more harm than good. Besides BloenCustoms, isn't your moniker a shield of sorts?

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