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How do I remove Pocket Query symbols from map on pc


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this morning I created a Pocket Query and eventually downloaded it to my iPhone.

I also examined the PQ on the map at Geocaching.com. Every cache in my PQ was

flagged with a small "bubble" with a flash. Thought nothing about it and went

out for a round.


When I returned home and wanted to see the result of my trip, all the PQ "bubbles"

were still there and I can't get rid of them. They make quite a clutter on the map.


What am I missing? How do I get the map back to "normal"?




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Over on the left side, under "Layers", click on the PQ in question. The problem here is that there is no visual indication in the list which PQ is showing. But you know which PQ you ran this morning so just click on that one. The bubbles should disappear.

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