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  1. Agree with previous writers. The questions at each indivudual step of an alc could be seen in gsak. ok. but how many signs on an electric cabinet can you read in google streetview e.g.? If some questions can be sofa-logged by a minority of cachers, so let it be. There are always cheaters one way or the other. Please reconsider the decision!
  2. yup , agree. was also flabbergasted when my log all of sudden online was uploaded to gc.com as Submitted via Garmin Live. not acceptable. want is as a draft
  3. Today, 03/28, there apparently was a problem accessing geocaching.com during a few hours causing havoc for people trying to log found caches and more important, people out in the field caching had to abort their missions. No post anywhere except finally on twitter. I just wonder as a non twitter user (and not wanting twitter) why there was nothing posted in any of the geocaching forums or on facebook. Groundspeak shape up.
  4. OK, that fixed the problem. Never too late to learn something apparently. Thanks a lot. A related question: I can't unmark all Wonders (if I do the OK button is inactive). How do I find a cache in the phone that have no Wonders at all? Won't it get filtered away?
  5. looks great. but that's not what my app showed look at the "holes" between my finds
  6. yup, try GC8ZJ8Z, shown on gc map but not in app or other caches around it
  7. I was going out for a caching trip today and had prepared myself by studying the map at geocaching.com. Arriving at the selected area the map in the official app looked very strange. Out of 15 caches that were supposed to be in the area about 6 of them were not showing. I looked them up using the browser and of course they were there on the map. When clicking on one of the "nonexisting" caches I then got the option to "Open in app". Doing so I was presented with a map of the correct area, BUT no cache visible! I then noted down the GC code of the missing caches and after searching in the officiell app I was able to navigate to them. After arriving home I looked on the map again in the app and although I have all of the caches in the Draft section the same missing ones are not shown at all as being in Draft. Just empty spots on the map. Strange! Anyone experienced the same?
  8. as in a previous answer - the listing coordinates have a meaning in that sense that if it is a geoart it won't show properly with solved coordinates. that among other things is why I want a choice.
  9. Hello, I have a few issues I hope can be implemented. At least on the webbased map I would like a radiobutton that makes it possible to select if mystery caches should be displayed at the posted coordinates or at the corrected ones. Would make it a bit easier to find room for new caches e.g. In the official app (at least) you can add waypoints defining where GZ or other interesting steps are for a multi- or a mysterycache. I would like those waypoints to show up on the webbased description of the cache too. And the other way around, make it possible to add waypoints in the webbased cache description and they should show up in the app as well. regards yxza
  10. great! just popped up in Sweden. thanks a lot!
  11. I guess there will be future updates to the new great app. missing the option "hide my already completed"
  12. Something must be a misconfigured. The new version can not be found in Appstore (not at least in Sweden). It has to be downlowded on the iPhone using the link above. But thanks for the new version!
  13. Assume I have the following trivial way of hiding the coordinates on a cache page: <font color="white"><marquee width="100" height="20">N60 08.XXX E18 01.XXX</marquee></font> At geocaching.com the marquee is not shown unless you highlight it. But both in the iPhone and Android apps the coordinates are clearly shown in the cache description. Not a big deal but slightly irritating.
  14. The outlook of the new page is OK when i use Edge, but I experience problems when I click "Play/Hide a geocache" using Windows 10 and Firefox 83.0. All I get is a blank page. Pointing at "Hide a geocache" shows the URL as https://www.geocaching.com/play/hide but I get redirected to https://www.geocaching.com/play/hideacache and the blank page. Very annoying. I've tried to clean all cached data and cookies but to no avail. Any ideas anyone?
  15. Minor, cosmetic wishes. Slightly irritating. When I click to enter a Personal Cache Note, why can't the webpage put focus in the text field and not require that I click once more? If I click on posted coordinates in order to change them to corrected, why can't focus be on the text field "Change to:" and not require that I click once more? It shouldn't be impossible since there is no ambiquity as to where I want to enter information. Other wishes. In the official app I can enter waypoints, which is nice. But if would be great if I could see them in the cache description on the webpage. Also the other way around, it would be nice if I could create waypoints on the webpage and they could be seen in the app.
  16. Hello, I was just made aware of the fact that the Solution Checker supplied by Groundspeak does not show in iOS if you look at the cachedescription using the official app. After doing some testing I found that the same error (?) occurs both in Cachly and Looking 4 Cache. I'm currently running iOS ver 14 and have no possibility to test other versions. Comments anyone?
  17. I agree. There should be an option, like in the standard app (Hide found caches). Preferably also "Hide mine". It would be nice if Adventure Labs could be seen somewhere else, standard site or an other Adventure Labs only site with a map. Somewhat awkward at times to view the map in the relatively small window of the phone. yxza
  18. Hello, since Groundspeak won't show us the Adventure Lab caches on the standard map it would be very nice if one could browse for them at https://labs.geocaching.com/. It is a bit frustrating to just see then on the phone and also makes it a bit difficult to plan your trips.
  19. I've tried to switch keyboard/language to Swedish but to no avail. The app in android still uses miles in compass. irritating.
  20. Thanks for your answer. Apparently the jpg-file was corrupt in some way. Strange. I picked another image and no problems.
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