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  1. I think the number of allowed characters in the ALC description should be increased from 1024 to at least 2048. Hopefully the ALC is placed at an interesting location and the introductory text will often require a lengthy description of history, current and future states. 1024 characters forces you to shorten the text considerably thus having to leave out many important and interesting details.
  2. Seems to be fixed now. Finally.
  3. Hello. I just noticed a strange behaviour on a cache page. I search for a cache using the GC-code, click on "Show cache and 16 mi. radius", a list of caches in the area is shown, click on "my" cache, then "View larger map" and get a map where the cache is shown. In the top green field I see the usual information with "Geocaching Play Community Shop my avatar and number of finds". Ok, so far so good. BUT if I now click on "Browse geocaches" so are all caches shown on the map, however the top green field is just that. A green bar with none of the previous text in it. I run Firefox 102.0 and WIndows 10 with the latest patches.
  4. Hello, thanks for your answer. Reply to questions: I logged them first as a draft on iPhone when in the field, then when I got home I logged the 4 missing as I did with all the others found during that day. It was a total of 25 caches that day, 10 ALC:s, 2 Unknown, 1 Virtual and the rest Trads. All 4 finds that are missing from the Leaderbord have more then 10 favpoints. That's what make them "unique" compared to the others. There must be a bug somewhere. I just deleted the log for the missing Virtual and relogged it. Now I can see it in the Leaderboard.
  5. Hello, I keep an Excel sheet to keep track of my progress in the Signal Labyrinth chase. All of a sudden I noticed that the collected points in the Leaderboard didn't match the number in my sheet. After a lot of swearing, sweating, cursing etc I realised that four found caches, one virtual and three trads are missing in the Leaderboard. Anyone got any idea why and how to fix it? Or is it a bug at GS?
  6. Previously you could choose the app Waze to help you to navigate to a step of an ALC (at least on iPhone). In some update of the ALC app did this possibility disappear and now you only can select Google Maps. Is this intentional or just a lapse? Could it be a misconfiguration by me? Someone has any info on this? Regards yxza
  7. Anyone got an idea if this is possible on iPhone too?
  8. Hello, previously I could use the app Waze when I wanted to navigate to the different steps of an ALC. Since the latest update the only choice is Google Maps. I prefer the guidance provided by Waze. Is there any possibilty to regain Waze as a navigational aid and if so how? Is this a intentional change by GS and if that is the case why? Oh and I forgot - using an iPhone.
  9. size is approx 22K, and pixels are 450x256 strange - just tried another image 17K, 440x660. that worked. apperently something is botched up with some images. question - where and what?
  10. Hello, I'm creating a new cache and run into some problems. The cache is almost ready, I just wanted to add a background picture to it. I drag and drop the image or browse for it and when I click "Save & Preview" I get: Server error in '/' application. Runtime Error Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated. OK, so I backout all the way into the nonedited cachedescription and try to edit once more. This time I only change one character and click "Save & Preview", no problem. I do the same procedure again but add the picture, same error. Tried to log out and back in, same problem. Restart browser, same problem. Deleted cookies from geocaching.com, same problem. Any idea anyone? yxza
  11. All of a sudden I can't load the LeaderBoard in Firefox. All text is loaded but when the information under "Week of 2021-12-06" is supposed to show, there is nothing but a rotating green circle. It works with Microsoft Edge and Chrome. I tried to start Firefox in failsafe mode but no change. I'm running a desktop with MS Win 10 + all patches and Firefox 95.0 regards Hans
  12. well. it depends on how keen you are on playing battleship. ok, some are, but let them. some like to cheet in this game. for me, in an area already full of all kinds of caches it would make it a lot easier to find an empty spot for a new cache.
  13. When I create a new cache and enter the coordinates I either get an OK or that it collides with an existing one. Of course the cache circles show collisions only with published coordinates. Or with unknown caches already solved. It would be very nice if I also was told that "your cache interferes with an existing". No need for more information, like circles, just the message of conflict. it would not reveal information about unknowns/unsolved but ease the placement of new ones.
  14. Agree with previous writers. The questions at each indivudual step of an alc could be seen in gsak. ok. but how many signs on an electric cabinet can you read in google streetview e.g.? If some questions can be sofa-logged by a minority of cachers, so let it be. There are always cheaters one way or the other. Please reconsider the decision!
  15. yup , agree. was also flabbergasted when my log all of sudden online was uploaded to gc.com as Submitted via Garmin Live. not acceptable. want is as a draft
  16. Today, 03/28, there apparently was a problem accessing geocaching.com during a few hours causing havoc for people trying to log found caches and more important, people out in the field caching had to abort their missions. No post anywhere except finally on twitter. I just wonder as a non twitter user (and not wanting twitter) why there was nothing posted in any of the geocaching forums or on facebook. Groundspeak shape up.
  17. OK, that fixed the problem. Never too late to learn something apparently. Thanks a lot. A related question: I can't unmark all Wonders (if I do the OK button is inactive). How do I find a cache in the phone that have no Wonders at all? Won't it get filtered away?
  18. looks great. but that's not what my app showed look at the "holes" between my finds
  19. yup, try GC8ZJ8Z, shown on gc map but not in app or other caches around it
  20. I was going out for a caching trip today and had prepared myself by studying the map at geocaching.com. Arriving at the selected area the map in the official app looked very strange. Out of 15 caches that were supposed to be in the area about 6 of them were not showing. I looked them up using the browser and of course they were there on the map. When clicking on one of the "nonexisting" caches I then got the option to "Open in app". Doing so I was presented with a map of the correct area, BUT no cache visible! I then noted down the GC code of the missing caches and after searching in the officiell app I was able to navigate to them. After arriving home I looked on the map again in the app and although I have all of the caches in the Draft section the same missing ones are not shown at all as being in Draft. Just empty spots on the map. Strange! Anyone experienced the same?
  21. as in a previous answer - the listing coordinates have a meaning in that sense that if it is a geoart it won't show properly with solved coordinates. that among other things is why I want a choice.
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