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How many Uk geocachers are there?

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Does anyone know a way to find out how many Uk geocachers (roughly) there are. I realise that this may only be registered accounts rather than active cachers. I see from the UK league tables that there are roughly 8,000 cachers with over 200 finds. is this the best guesstimate?


I have tried a search on the g.com forums but didn't find anything.

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I don't think that there's any way to know the figure.


When anyone creates a membership account on geocaching.com there's no requirement to provide any information about the home location. Some people choose to add that detail later on when they create their public profile page but many don't, so then you can only guess at their location by having a look at where they found their first caches.


Perhaps Groundspeak could find out by analysing and number crunching the logs over a given period but I doubt they'd make the info public.


MrsB :)

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