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Logged in..or not?


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Today I logged in to Geocaching.com, logged in to the forums, and after looking around a bit, left the forums on my computer so I can check them every now and then. (can't have the internet changing without me watching..) So, I see an cache mentioned in a log and decide to go look at it. When I click on the cache, I get to a page telling me that it is subscriber only. I am a subscriber, the top of the screen says I am logged in, why can't I get to it? Is this a time-out problem? Does this happen to anyone else?



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I've had this problem, too. Just now, in fact, someone in the forums linked to an MO cache, but it acted as though I wasn't logged in. Everything indicated I was logged in; it even brought up My Cache Page, but the link to the cache didn't work, nor did it work when I searched for the waypoint. Logged out, logged in, then it worked.



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Originally posted by Jennifer & Dean:

I knew I wasn't just going a little more nuts! Yeah, I have to log out then log back in also. I thought it was very odd to have happen though.



This is not necessarily an indication that you are not 'going a little more nuts'. Its just not you, this time.


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