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SUBMITTED [33474] - Image Deletion Generates Reviewer Note


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(If this has been discussed, please direct me and close this topic)


I'm happy with the new ability to delete images from logs posted to our cache listings and found it necessary to do so with a blatant spoiler photo. I noticed that the action created a Reviewer Note, which is immediately archived. The note has the link to the photo which is still stored on the server. Additionally, the note generates an email to the owner as well as anyone that has the cache on their Watchlist or a watched Bookmark list. The link is copied into the email.


The end result is that the website sent a direct link of a spoiler photo to the very people that I did not want to see the photo. IMO, this note should be emailed to the owner only.

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At the moment a Reviewer Note (e.g. removing a Spoiler Picture) is sent to the whole watchlist. In this Reviewer Note is also a link to the Picture. Although it is now removed from the listing but the entire watch list has a link to the image. The logtype "Reviewer Note" shouldn't be sent to the watchlist.

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Merging duplicate topics.


Any idea when it will be fixed? It's been over three four months.

There are some important facebook enhancements that need to be done first.


I have also seen this 'feature'. As it is now, the workaround would be to delete the entire log, that has the offending picture.

As you probably know, this will generate an email to the log owner.


Unfortunately you can't add a reason, when you delete a log. (Someone must have suggested this feature, if not then I just did.)

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Hi there,


since some month you have the possibility (as an owner of a cache) to delete images of other users.

This feature is very usefull, especially when this picture contains spoiler like GPS-EXIFs.


Unfortunately a mail with a reviewer note is send to the watchlist, when deleting an image!

This mail also contains a persistant link to this image and the reason of deletion.


I think, that this doesn't make sense ...







Subject: [LOG] Watchlist: Toxic! posted a reviewer note for Toxic - Im Tiefflug ueber Orschel (Unknown Cache)


You are receiving this email because this listing is on your watch list. Visit the web site to change your watchlist settings.


Location: Hessen, Germany

Toxic! posted a reviewer note for Toxic - Im Tiefflug ueber Orschel (Unknown Cache) at 9/27/2012


Log Date: 9/27/2012

This is an automated message.

Reason for deletion: EXIF containing GPS-Information

Image link: http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/large/f37f0e60-ad99-4af4-8b6b-[...].jpg


Visit this log entry at the below address:



Visit Unknown Cache

Toxic - Im Tiefflug ueber Orschel



Profile for Toxic!:


Edited by Toxic!
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Interesting. The programming around image deletion doesn't seem right.


I don't see any reason for it to be associated with a log type. If you deleted the entire log, that doesn't create a "reviewer note"

The owner of the log is notified.


If you delete an image on a Trackable that you own, you're informed that you "Could Not Find" the trackable! seriously.


Your email address is sent to the person whose image you deleted. Whether you elected to make it public or not. You lose the option to email back and forth through the site, protecting your email address.


Here's what the image deletion notice looks like to the owner of the trackble, the person who did the image deletion:


From: Geocaching < noreply@geocaching.com >


To: my email


Subject [LOG] Owner: Isonzo Karst couldn't find 09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multievent Geocoin (09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multievent Geocoin)


You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this listing.


Isonzo Karst couldn't find 09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multievent Geocoin (09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multievent Geocoin) at 9/27/2012


Log Date: 9/27/2012

This is an automated message.

Reason for deletion: ugly!

Image link: http://img.geocaching.com/track/log/large/2bb992d9-1ddc-41e8-b6ad-9856cda7d19c.jpg


Visit this log entry at the below address:



Visit 09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multievent Geocoin




The person whose image was removed gets a reasonable email ->>>> this is what should be happening with image deletion on Geocaches (except for part about including my email in the header:


From: Geocaching < noreply@geocaching.com >


To: user whose image was deleted

Reply to: Trackable owner email addy is included - not a link to their profile (in spite of the email preferences of the owner, which is NOT to include email address )


Subject [GEO] Your log image for 09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multievent Geocoin was removed


Your image titled "1 Coo lKids have the button" was removed from the cache "09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multievent Geocoin" by the cache owner for the following reason:



View the original image: http://img.geocaching.com/track/log/large/2bb992d9-1ddc-41e8-b6ad-9856cda7d19c.jpg

View the log entry: http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?LUID=84c7f721-611d-482c-b90a-dd3945e45c0b



Forward abuse complaints to: contact@geocaching.com

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