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Nearest Caches

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Why does searching for nearest caches show the ones I have already found and also the ones I have hidden. If somebody wanted that they would go to "My Cache Page". It just clutters up the caches I am looking for by inserting the ones I have found and hidden.

Ron Schmars

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I am always logged in but because I have found all near my house I have to go thru several pages before I get to ones I have not found yet. It even labels them has caches you have found and caches you have hidden.

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I have also found this to be annoying. I have several suggestions for improvements to the seek capability:

1) Allow user to specify number of caches displayed per page

2) Allow exclusion of caches found (display by default)

3) Allow inclusion of caches hidden (otherwise don't display)

4) Allow inclusion of inactive caches (otherwise don't display)


Using these options I could quickly get a list of the 40 closest active caches that I have not either found nor hidden. This seems like something quite a few folks would like. I've been toying with the idea of a post-processor that would take the HTML code and parse out caches that met certain criteria. It may be a while before it gets to the top of my list

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The easiest way to completely filter out caches that you have already found is to use a Pocket Query (since you've already done the "Charter Member" part).


You can then either use an eBook reader for the PC to look at the file or use one of the GPX utilities that everyone seem to be be talking about.


(That part I don't know much about, since I use my Palm IIIxe & EasyGPS)

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It might be a "basic addition" to you, but to the web editor it's a lot of headaches and rewrites. And non-members don't pay the bills. In my opinion, non-members should be happy they can get anything. $2+/month isn't much to ask for the amount of effort that goes into the site, and the amount of fun we get out of it.


And yes, I also would like to have found/owned caches filterable out of the basic "nearest cache" listing.



> Martin (Magellan 330)

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