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COMPLETED (32745) - [BUG] Final Image Size After Clicking Image

2oldfarts (the rockhounders)

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When you view a log on a benchmark hunting page, it has a picture that you can click on. It now goes to a smaller image than the one you are viewing. I had noticed this on the Cache page logs, but it was "Hot Fixed". It has not been "Hot Fixed" for the Benchmarks logs and we all would like to know why?


We are all very sad to think our hobby might be on the way out the door of Groundspeak, I really hope this is not the case. This is the thread in Benchmark Hunting Forums.


We try not to complain much, but we are hoping this will be fixed, please.


A downhearted and sincere request.....



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All of these image size issues are related to the same issue, which is that we are overhauling the image handler to make it easier to specify a particular image size on the fly. The change is a work in progress and you will see these issues corrected as we move forward. I have added a specific bug pertaining to the benchmark situation, however, just to make sure it is not missed.

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Moun10bike -


Your attention to this is laudable. I've gone to great pains to get quality photos of benchmarks I've found and feel a permanent cap of 300 px would be a kick in the face.


As I do with geocaching, I do with benchmarking, I take pictures when it suits me, but I try to get images worth sharing or don't post them at all. I'm probably one of the 5% or so who spend as much time photographing as I do searching for caches and benchmarks - it's all part of the experience and I'd hate to see it diminished.

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TillaMurphs, we have not had a site update since the changes to picture sizes, but they will be back to a larger size in the next release currently scheduled for January 17.


Sorry Moun10Bike. I must have been confusing shutdowns for maintenance with site updates. I apologize for unnecessarily bugging you about this – I know you have plenty of stuff to deal with.


Sorry and Thanks.

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This issue is marked as complete in our database. Are you looking at images uploaded after today's update, or before?


The pictures size for the benchmarks were to be fixed I thought. It didn't happen. When you go to a log, the picture - when clicked on has a smaller picture come up than on Cache logs. Then even when you click view log, and then click the picture in the viewer, on caches it gets to a larger size, on benchmark logs it doesn't. We were told it would be up for a fix on the 17th. Maybe a month from now, or was it missed somehow?


Will this be fixed at all?


Thank you for your time.




This is indicated as having been corrected in today's release. Are you looking at benchmark images uploaded after the update or before?


I am looking at both. None show any difference than before.


One from 12/06/2010 and one from 01/14/2012 and I went to the benchmark gallery just now and saw your test. One of your pictures is small. But even if it is only for those pictures posted after the update, that leaves 1000's of pictures that are useless to Surveyors that are coming to GC to view the benchmark logs!! Can't it be fixed to show them like they were before the problem started? Or do we have to go through our pictures and reload them?




Here is one from 2007. It also shows a smaller picture when the original picture is clicked, instead of the larger one, like it had been before either update. Is this just how it is and we are left like this?




I think we are in for a LOOOnnnng re-loading pictures to a LOT of old finds................:(

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The full-sized images are still on the server; the site is simply referencing the wrong image size (in a different way than was affecting cache pages and trackables). The fix has been checked into the code and we plan to hotfix it out live tomorrow.


Thank you for your patience!


That sounds good. We will try to be patient......



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