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Hi there

I'm going to be visiting some friends over the holidays who live in the Staines area. I hope to do some caches while I'm there and maybe get some converts to boot. I'm looking for recommendations on a nice trail. I like cache series with the hides and preferably the caches themselves, to be varied. I like the hiding places to be chosen for their interest and appropriateness rather than their spacing. I prefer the caches to require some searching and with a frequency of about 3 to a mile. It's not about the numbers for me, I just like a nice walk, preferably near water.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks.

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Be aware that parts of the Staines Moor series are (deliberately) placed where there can be lots of undergrowth, though it won't be so bad this time of year.


Don't forget to read the cache page for the route round 3/3a/4.


If you have time, and you are trying to convert non-cachers, try Church Micro 2230 at Littleton :-) Very easy but I think you would like it.


If you like a long walk for one cache, my Virginia Water cache is about 6 miles and is near water most of the way.


Rgds, Andy

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Hmm, I'm am not so sure that Staines Moor would be good to get converts. It is local but to me caching is all about the location and getting out into the country. There are a few of the caches on Staines moor which are pretty extreme for penetrating undergrowth. I did it back in October on a very dark night!


If you are mobile the I would recommend some of the Woking Wonders walks or head down to Ockham common, (where the A3 crosses the M25).


I would also recommend Windsor Great Park / Virginia water but many of the caches are sadly unmaintained.

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Hmm, I'm am not so sure that Staines Moor would be good to get converts.

That may well be true, which is why I suggested 3 caches/series of mine that are totally different in character. It rather depends on what sort of walk the potential "converts" would like. I wouldn't describe Staines Moor as having a high terrain rating, but it is more awkward than most of the caches we get inside the M25.


I hope your comment about Virginia Water caches being badly maintained does not apply to mine! It has had 14 finds since my last visit, but I have no reason to believe it isn't OK.


I'm a bit disappointed not to have heard from the OP again - it was fairly obvious from the wording of the initial post that it was directed at me, which is the reason I mentioned my own caches in response. I'm not so clueless that I coudn't see I was intended to read something between the lines, but I'm not clever enough to work out what it is :) .


If you do visit Staines I hope you enjoy the caching in the area, and if you plan to do Virginia Water please feel free to ask for my mobile number before you leave.


Rgds, Andy

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I've been thinking about this. Because I couldn't run any SE Cachers boat trips this year (though they will be back next year) I'll do a cacher's Christmas present instead.


I listed those particular three caches/series because they are very different in character. Anyone who finds Church Micro 2230 plus either the Staines Moor series or Virginia Water between now and the end of the year will get a geocoin for Christmas (even if it is a little bit belated), one per caching id, up to a maximum of 10 coins. I was going to make it Staines Moor AND Virginia Water, but that's probably asking too much in just the next 10 days. And because Staines Moor has a few quite tricky hides, I'll take any 15 finds out of the 17.


I'll have to reserve the right to interpret the results as I see fit - if Bendos and his potential "converts" did the circuit I would have no problem with them claiming a pair of coins, but if someone registered 10 new caching ids and then claimed all 10, that wouldn't be in the spirit of the thing.


BeadyStu is right that because of the difficulty level, Staines Moor is not suitable for beginners by themselves, but it would be fine if they were accompanied by experienced cachers. Currently the undergrowth is not bad, but the ground is very soft in places - walking boots or wellies recommended.


Rgds, Andy

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