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  1. Just trying to do a filtered search on Church Micros and the map is no longer applying the filters. Anyone else having issues?
  2. Sorry I am really struggling. I can't find the script to replace. I have lots of map types but not theOS one. Can anyone help me find it?
  3. Can we have another post on how to get the OS maps up again please? I seem to be getting a little confused on the steps needed. I am using Firefox. Thanks
  4. I have Bing OS maps up now but they don't look like OS maps, more like the default MapQuest one. Does anyone know what I have done wrong?
  5. Why are you getting your knickers in a twist over this? Does it really matter? Get over it and move on
  6. Thanks Looks like the good folk of Kent have been busy recently!
  7. Can one of you clever people with Project GC or whatever give us an update on the number of caches in each county please? Will be interesting to see how this has developed (well for me at least). Thanks
  8. A man of principle. Thank God someone still has some cahonas. My admiration Deceangi.
  9. Can someone bump the link to download the GME please as I have reset my computer. Thanks
  10. However, a lot of hamlets used to be villages and hence there is a church present. Population changes and all that. (I have one being published ...... well, anytime now as it happens) What JoLuc is on about though is a mystery to me. "Church obsessed" is a bit strong. There was no TV in those days woz there. What else woz there to do? Praise da lord.
  11. No it wasn't "announced", the first mention of it was here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=309954&st=0 in response to a question asking why prices in Europe had suddenly been increased. So yes it was slid in under the radar and if you can find an "announcement" pre-dating that thread I'd be interested to see it. Even when that discussion started all the "shop front" pages selling premium membership quoted the price at $30, when you went to the PM upgrade page it still said $30, it was only when you clicked the payment button did the numbers mysteriously change to the higher price, with nothing to say that the price had suddenly gone up and no indication why. I don't give a tinkers about the increase as it's too easy to circumvent, but It's a appalling way to treat paying customers and they only get away with it because there's no viable alternative. HEAR HEAR
  12. It's dull and boring but you just can't resist can you? Next month I will have completed 366 days. i'm not quite sure why I'm doing it ........
  13. Me too. On the other hand, a lot of the really big numbers are just film pots - while the number of my hides pales into insignificance compared to these figures, quite a few of them have taken hundreds of times longer to set than simply dropping a film pot. Then there is maintaining - some do, some don't. L E G E N D, for example, is a consortium, but the ones I have done appear not to be maintained at all (as of the time I did them). But I've heard poshrule is good on maintenance, and I think Flatcoat Walker and kevham1 are too. (Please excuse me if you are on the list but I haven't mentioned you, that does not imply you are bad at maintenance, simply that I don't know either way). Rgds, Andy Quite true Sadly a local cacher has decided to place caches along the Essex/Suffolk Border but is not capable (as predicted) of maintaining them. I imagine they will be archived rather than replaced so it begs the question as to whether they should have been allowed by the reviewer. Even someone with no life like me has no time to maintain that lot properly!
  14. I could do it from my offline database, but it takes 5 weeks to complete a cycle so is never completely up to date, and you would have to accept my version of "county" (which you can see on http://www.amberel.com/countylist.htm) Do you want me to do that? Rgds, Andy Sorry for not responding earlier.
  15. Cheers - that was what I was after. I thought that the prolific folk of Essex would have jumped to the top. I will never need to leave the County ever again!
  16. Anybody techy able to update the county cache numbers? Seem to be flooded with notifications reently so wondered if Hampshire still leading the way. Cheers
  17. Am I missing something here? I have no idea what this organisation is or does and how it affects me. I publish caches and get a yay or nay from the local reviewer, end of. Can someone tell me why I should be bothered about them? I am not being provocative here, just confused as to what this organisation does that affects me.
  18. 3 and a half years into the game and things are changing. I started with no GPS (I was introduced and just went on a google satellite view and the clue). Then I had an old palm top which was a pretty good servant. A Blackberry suited me for another 18 months, and now I have a Garmin Dakota. When started I was hungry to do caches - there were so few locally and they were generally well placed (a little bit of the whole thing being new and some cache placements that wouldn't be allowed today helped ). You would plan a day doing 1 cache and if it was a multi then it was all part of the fun. Over the years I have been sliding into number hunts. I never really went in for the FTF thing as very quickly it seemed a colossal waste of time and money, but I did like to "clear areas". I was non-premium for a long time, as I shared an account with a buddy. He had introduced me to the game and I then took on the membership because it was obvious I would get most use. Then the last few years, setting and doing puzzles have been my thing. Recently I just got bored. I went for a short trip to the Midlands a few weeks ago and really enjoyed caching again. I have another trip planned for the Chiltern Hundred (not for the numbers but just for the iconic nature of it and the views) and this saturday I am out with my mate doing a fairly old series (by today's standards at least) which will involve a liquid lunch (which iswhereit all began)! I am still a little wary of multis because there aren't any decent ones around IMHO (Why do you make the collectable information so open for interpretation? Grrrr), and I hate Graveyard walks for CMs (I'm changing my one very shortly rest assured). But I do want to recapture the enjoyment I had when finding a cache was an event in itself. Nowadays, I can't walk out the door without seeming to trip over a cache in my location. I have had all these email notifications of late and just deleted them. I was shocked when I looked at say a 25m radius (a lot of that is sea by the way) to see how many caches I hadn't done. Now I have no problem with 20 film pots in a 3 mile walk because it has made me do a 3 mile walk, hopefully in nice countryside. It's the random "a quick cache and dash"; "this is my dog walking route"; or "A series of caches celebrating places I park my taxi" that are just so disappointing. It's very easy to be snobbish (and a few of you have been doing this a lot longer than me) but I for one will be doing caches that are worth doing from now on. I'm not saying I won't pull over at that layby and sign the odd log for the keyholder on the roadsign from time to time, but I certainly won't be bothered if I pass by it. And don't expect a nice log (some of you may know my frank and forthright opinions already). If you can't justify it then don't expect me to blow your trumpet. My favourite cache is still my first. It's not the most special cache by any means (I think it was a tablet pot and the log might have been damp), but it was my first. A hope of things to come and what maybe. My first cache placements were pretty poor and most have gone now and that's fine because you learn from your mistakes (I was embarrassed to be honest). It's very easy to hark back and perhaps a little elitist but very understandable when so many pointless caches are being placed nowadays. t's no use saying "just ignore them" because human nature and/or a mild form of OCD makes them really irritating. An itch that needs to be scratched. What do Groundspeak think of this problem? Well it's not one is it? More caches means more punters. More punters means more revenue. Maybe someone can come up with a fansite that has UK caches reviewed and advised and with an alternative map system (apologies if anyone already has a UK wide site and can you post me the link please)? I for one would be much more interested on a challenge of doing something like the best 100 caches in the country as reviewed by someone who doesn't think a film pot in a layby amongst dog poo bags is a favourite!
  19. What's tripe? We only had tin when I were t'lad...... .......and we were grateful for that.
  20. I'm up for a fight (or at least seeing justice being done) so will be emailing HMRC about the whole thing. It seems that foreign companies not paying tax in the UK is a hot topic at the moment.
  21. Groundspeak need to tell us what the changes are, the reasons behind it, and how it will effect us. If everything is above board and there is no price gouging then I am happy. I am not happy with Premium v Non-premium anyway but I understand that they use non premium as bait for premium membership and that is a commercial decision that whilst I don't like, I understand the business sense of. My understanding of VAT is that you must provide a breakdown so that it can be reclaimed by VAT registered businesses (I get a VAT receipt at Amazon and even at MacDonalds in my business as a professional couch potato consultancy). I pay for goods in US dollars happily, but if regulations have changed and I need to pay in Sterling then fine. Tell me why I have to and tell me why it isn't a straight £ to $ conversion.
  22. GS has forgotten to pay their VAT in Europe... You are quite wrong it's actually that they are so busy shopping online spending our money that they have don't have time to service us suckers!
  23. They have no plausible answer because there is no plausible answer. They have well and truly been caught with their hands in the metaphorical till as far as I can see. Oh and with their pants down at the same time!
  24. If it is VAT - related , why do recurring members not get a price hike?
  25. I gather on the main forum that people are getting quite worked up about Premium membership for the year. There is so much "chatter" that I would appreciate a summary. My understanding is that I pay $20 pa and that the exchange rate is my risk as I pay by Credit Card or Pay Pal or whatever. There has been talk of VAT being introduced; paying in Sterling being introduced; and a freeze for recurring members at $20. I am confused and would like some clarity as to what is actually happening so that I can make an informed decision before I travel to the US and fire-bomb Groundspeak's offices. (Message for the CIA and MI5 - the last bit is a joke) Oh and if you could fix maps for me so that the one useful thing about the site actually works properly............
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