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  1. Issues still exist with my 35t. I would not recommend this unit for Geocaching yet. The refusal to move to map screen from geocache screen happens frequently, roughly 1 in 3 geocaches viewed. It is infuriating. It can be caught by hitting the map scroll icon as soon as the map appears and then returning to the geocache map view. Mine also loses sensitivity occasionally, requiring a reboot. I also have an Oregon 450 and Gpsmap 63. The Gpsmap is by far the best unit.
  2. Installed. Hoping this will fix my "out of memory" issues and large gpx file size boot lock ups. Map scrolling seems much faster now.
  3. I pay what I consider to be a large amount of money each year for what is simply access to a few extra features on geocaching.com. I have never felt I needed to complain before but the recent changes are quite unacceptable. 1. Pocket Queries show smilies for caches I have logged as DNF! 2. Maps are extremely slow. 3. Once map appears caches then takes ages to appear! 4. Once the caches appear then the popups / ability to select them takes ages to appear! Waiting over a minute to be able to click a cache on a map is simply unacceptable. 5. Using Android browser I cannot now select a cache to view it. (or is it just because it's slow?) 6. The UK is now missing aerial / satellite view. This means we can't zoom down to find parking places / un-mapped trails / safe access. 7. c:geo no longer works! But at least I expect the guys developing to get it fixed soon. (When are you going to implement mapping in your application properly?) OK, rant over now. p.s. to all those people whining about open street map inaccuracy - The whole idea of OSM is that you can fix it your self - have a go, it is fun!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a NZ partner to perform the second part of a OVER THE POLE (North to South) 2 part multicache. http://coord.info/GCMYD6 I have found the UK part and obtained the coords to the 2nd part located inLiving Art Wildlife Park, Nature's Place, Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty. You will be required to find the physical cache and e-mail me when logged (a photo would be really appreciated too). We can then both log the cache. If can join in them please email me. Stuart
  5. Hi Capers, sounds good. I will send you a direct mail.
  6. Hi, I have received a 2011 Silver Life Geocoin for Christmas which has Canada on the reverse. Strange because I bought it from UK geocachers.com and live in the UK. The coin is not yet registered on geocaching.com. Would anyone over in Canada like to swap the code of one of their unregistered Geocoins and we can launch them across the pond at each other? Here is a similar coin, the one I have is silver (coloured). http://www.ukgeocachers.co.uk/catalog/Copper-Life-2011-Geocoin.html Stuart (Beadystu)
  7. I have never had an issue with my 62s. There have been a coupl of bug fix software releases this year, is your firmware up to date?
  8. Hi, I initally thought this thread was about North Yorkshire but then discovered it is about Blackberry apps, suggest you change the topic. I am not an expert but I do not think there are any decent free blackberry apps. I use my blackberry as a backup and use "Blackstar". Blackstar is pretty basic and allows you to import gpx files into a waypoint list then select one to navigate to. It does not do any mapping. It does have search for nearest geocache on geocaching.com but this function does not work on my work connection.
  9. I have used both. The compass definatly helps but is not essential. I use a standard compass alongside the GPS. If searching near a gz then the compass is needed because you do not travel far enough for the gps compass to kick in. if you can afford it go for a gps with one built in. I do find that my Garmin GPSmap needs the compass calibrating every trip though, which is straight forward.
  10. It would be polite to leave the trackables in the Hotel for a week or two to give people the chance to log them. If a TB has been in there any longer then move it on.
  11. Over the last few months I have seen caches appearing in places where there was no feasible way that the CO could have got permission. I have checked the rules and they refer to not breaking any local laws and regulations, which seems more applicable to the US. Could someone clarify for me what permission is needed to place a cache on a public footpath or attached to street furniture on a public highway in the UK?
  12. Hmm, I'm am not so sure that Staines Moor would be good to get converts. It is local but to me caching is all about the location and getting out into the country. There are a few of the caches on Staines moor which are pretty extreme for penetrating undergrowth. I did it back in October on a very dark night! If you are mobile the I would recommend some of the Woking Wonders walks or head down to Ockham common, (where the A3 crosses the M25). I would also recommend Windsor Great Park / Virginia water but many of the caches are sadly unmaintained.
  13. You would be very welcome to come and muggle my big green cache anytime. Pm me for coordinates. You will need to be quick though. Runnymede council are speed caching very early tomorrow morning with their big noisy truck.
  14. Cache has been relocated to a large green container with two wheels in Egham
  15. I found the UK micro and retrieved the co-ordinates in the UK today. Please e-mail me if you would like to team up and go log the NZ cache. stuart@waudby.net Beadystu
  16. "Ivy covered tree" "Multi trunked tree" or wait for it.... "Ivy covered multi trunked tree" And last weekend we found a "Mossy, multi trunked ivy covered tree" Almost top of the list is "Nice easy find". Top of the list is people who use up inches of log in micro's.
  17. Ahh - excellent. Thanks for the tip.
  18. I keep track of solved puzzle caches in a list and store the solutions in the personal notes. The ability to highlight caches on the map which exist in my list would both allow me to spot caches not yet solved and be able to plan trips to visit the solved caches. Alternativly create a new tick box called "Tag", "Highlight" (or something similar) on the cache page to allow a user to tag caches to be highlighted on the map. Apologies if this has been asked for already I had limited time to search through the forum.
  19. I am a bit confused by this request, seems to be a mixture of features. i would rellay like to be able to view geocaches on the map which contain trackables, or search for geocaches contining trackables.
  20. Thats definatly sounds like it. Are you able to e-mail the owner for permission to remove it?
  21. Fraid not, it is within 20 meters of the co-ordinates in my first post. Last year I found a multi (GC1A9TR) in exactly the same place as GC1CD7 with the same name. It was also archived and moved to opencaching.org by the owner. I'm sure you are correct that the one you found is not Robin's cache, which started off at the top of the hill but was moved onto NaviCaching and shifted some distance down the hill more than 10 years ago. To the best of my knowlege Robin's NaviCache is still in place. And I'm also sure it's not my cache, which is now listed on opencaching.org.uk and was in good condition on my last maintenance visit a few weeks ago. When I placed my cache I knew nothing about Robin's previous occupation of the site, as it predated my entry into caching by 6 years! I did discover the coincidence when I started NaviCaching and found Robin's cache in its new location. The Big Charter was the very first cache we found, and "for old times sake" we revisited it in May of this year when nearby. If you look back at the logs you will see that the cache "went missing" in April 2004 and was replaced in "a slightly different location". I suspect what you found was the original cache. Rgds, Andy I'm not convinced. If you read the log a bit more closely kennamatic did not replace or move it before it began being found again. Also the photos taken back in 2003 resemble the cache which I found earlier this year and not the rotten clip lock in the photo.
  22. Fraid not, it is within 20 meters of the co-ordinates in my first post. Last year I found a multi (GC1A9TR) in exactly the same place as GC1CD7 with the same name. It was also archived and moved to opencaching.org by the owner.
  23. We found the cache in the attached picture within 20 meters of The Big Charter (GCGDJG) N 51° 26.332 W 000° 33.824 in Runnymede. The cache not resemble any of the pictures or logs of GCGDJG. The identifiable items in the cache were candles, condoms and a very rotted note book. Unfortunatly I cannot search archived caches in the area and it does not exist on opencaching. I intend to dispose of it. Does anyone know what it is or who owns it?
  24. Verification websites are perfectly good for verifying puzzles at home in front of a PC. In the filed they are completly useless for someone using a non smartphone GPS device. Even if using a smartphone it is a major pain to copy the co-ordinates across and there is no guarantee of of a 3G signal. Checksums are very useful and have their place but please specify how they are applied in the clue.
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