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Logging Archived Virtuals/EarthCaches?


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Am I missing something about locking listings?


Depends on what you mean by "missing" ;)


Locking a Listing merely prevents Log Entries (other than Reviewers/Lackey's with Admin powers). The Listing is still visible in your Profile. Only those folks with Admin powers have the ability to Lock a Listing. The unwashed masses like you and I do not have that power.


For the most part, I've only seen a Listing Locked when it appears that it's being used as a Forum (i.e. bunch of bickering going on). The most recent example that I can think of was the Original Stash Plaque cache, when it was in need of some maintenance. One of the Admins Locked it briefly to let the "heat" settle a bit, and then it was unlocked so that people could Log it once again.


Probably no surprise, but I agree with Geoaware. Once an EC is Archived, it's like it doesn't exist to me. Nice to have the historical record on folks Profile, but I'm not in favor of Logging such Listings.

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It is my personal opinion that once an EarthCache has been archived it is like it does not exist, and therefore you should not log it.


Thank you for your input on this topic.


Now if only you, CavScout, and Joranda could just get TPTB to remove the invitation to log those caches and lock the listing, you'd be golden.

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