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Error in Country List

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Seems that there is another error:


In the same drop down list, appears a 'country' named Madeira & Azores. Madeira and Açores (the real name) are portuguese islands as Canary islands are spanish and Hawaii is USA territory.


One can check it in this The World FactBook or in this European Union Map.


A cache has already listed in that entry and we found it occasionally be proximity searching to Açores. All others Madeira and Açores caches are listed (correctly) in the Portugal's geocaching page.


We already sent a mail to contact@Groundspeak, two weeks ago, but no answer.


Maybe the Admins should move that cache listing to the correct country (Portugal) and delete that entry from the country list.

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In that list there are numerous 'errors' considering what is a country and not. Aland Isles (better: Åland Islands) is an autonomous province of Finland, not a country. Svalbard and Jan Mayen are parts of Norway. Faroe Islands and Greenland are parts of Denmark. Basically I don't have anything against the fact that they're their own entries in the list, but maybe it should be called something else than Countries?

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Maybe. :o


"Autonomous Regions of the World", fight for your own Geocaching listing! :o


If the decision was to create a separated list to Madeira and Açores, then all caches in that regions should be moved to the new listings - not a thing that a could aggree but would accept. But, separate Madeira listing from Açores listing - they're diferent archipelags with diferent budget autonomy, local flags, local governments and hundreds of kms between them.


Yet another pormenor: There are 5 active caches in Madeira. Three of them were visited after "Green Land" cache was activated. It wasn't, despite it has a 1,5/1 rating... Maybe the owner is missing some opportunities to see his cache visited.... and Moun10bike seems to be loosing some chances to see his TB moved out from that cache...


Maybe. :rolleyes:

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Problem solved! :laughing:


After sent an email to "Senderista" (the owner of GCK8JMG) he said that only picked an existing entry from the country list.


Also, asked how to move his cache to the Portugal list of caches. I suggested to contact the approver of his cache.


Now, that cache is in the correct listing and the erroneous entry (Madeira & Azores) is deleted from the country list since Madeira and Açores are Portuguese islands


Happy ending. :lol:


Hope his cache will be visited soon.

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the erroneous entry (Madeira & Azores) is deleted from the country list since Madeira and Açores are Portuguese islands

It's not deleted.:blink: It's not visible in the main page country list, because at the moment there are no caches listed in Madeira & Azores. But as soon as someone hides a new cache there, and picks Madeira & Azores from the list in Report a new cache -page, it will be on the main page dropdown list.


I still repeat that Countries is not a perfect word to use for describing the areas where the cache is hidden, because there are so many other types of areas included too.

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Aha - a chance to get up on my soapbox again (and so soon after a similar posting too - sorry if I'm getting boring! :blink: )


Please could we have a non-ambiguous set of "countries" (or whatever you want to call them) for the British Isles? Currently we have UK and Ireland, but the UK actually includes a bit of the island of Ireland (Northern Ireland), so it's not clear where NI caches should go (with the result that they get scattered at random between the two "countries"). Either Éire/UK (political), or Ireland/Great Britain (geographical) would be much better and make it unambiguous where each cache should be listed. IMHO the geographical solution (keep Ireland in the list, rename UK to GB) is much the best solution as caches on the same island will all share the same country on GC.com.




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