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Here's one of the cache's i was talking about earlier in this thread. This is in the parking lot of a Hooters which is appropriate once you spot the cache. I've been by it twice but too many muggles and cars driving by to get it out and open then sign and replace without being spotted. So I just logged it as FOUND.




Let me know if you don't see it and I'll give you another HINT.


You seriously think that any Hooters customers are going to not only notice what you are doing, but after they leave, cross the street and muggle the cache that they probably didn't see you grab? Sorry, but not signing the log in a case like that is grounds for deletion. If I had to guess, I would say perhaps one of the three tags we see on the phone pole, but it could also be hanging in the tree. No matter. The Hooters customers are checking out their waitresses, not you.

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