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Tri Cities to Seattle.


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Heading out on Monday and going to Seattle (UW Medical Center) and wondering what are some good caches near the I82-I90 highways. I did a PQ for small, reg, and large caches along the route but was wondering if you guys have some favorites. We plan on doing the Roadkill series along the way and are looking for some quick but fun caches to get. We hopefully will be able to go to Groundspeak while we are up there. Any suggestions?

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I am also planning on doing the Rest Stop caches. I will probably call on Monday to get reservations for Groundspeak. We go by the teapot dome whenever we go to Yakima so I will have to add that one to my list. We will probably do the easy ones on the way up but I am open to other ideas for the return trip. We will leave Friday morning (hopefully) for home so we will have more time for other caches on the way home. Some of the rest stop caches can only be found on the Eastbound side of the highway so we will do them then.

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