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Indydiver coins


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today i was lucky enough to get 3-indydiver coins (3 finishes) all 3 with matching numbers on the back

also i got another coin with them that was a coinfusion project 2006. it has moun10bike,team fisur, dhobby1, and indydiver... on the front of the coin.

i know the actual numbers on the indydiver coins are not tracking numbers but im just trying to get as much info about the coins as i can so im hoping that someone can help me out.

thanks for any help

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I figured someone else would have filled in all the blanks by now. But I guess not. So I'll wing it ;)


Indy Diver V1 was one of the first four personal coins, and it was created in Antique Bronze plating. I *think* he made 100 pcs.

Indy Diver V2 came next, with the little boy on one side. It was made in Antique Bronze, Shiny Silver, and Shiny Gold. Not sure on quantities

Indy Diver V1.5 came last, where he paid tribute to his original art. He made some modifications to the V1 art, and made new ones in Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Black Nickel, Shiny Gold and Silver (I think antique silver, but that binder is buried).


The Coinfusion project was a mystery coin project to start, to pay tribute to the first four personal coins. It was made in a lot of versions. I know of Antique Copper, Antique Silver, Black Nickel, Brass, Shiny Gold, and Shiny Copper. I would bet there are other versions. I'm not sure of qtys or what the numbers mean.


And yes, I have some of them for trade ;) I know I have a V2, a few V1.5, and a few Coinfusion.



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I would bet there are other versions. I'm not sure of qtys or what the numbers mean.




The coinfusion was originally a mystery coin project but they let the cat out of the bag early. Each of the four early personals: team fisur, dhobby1, moun10bike and indydiver each had their own metal version. I am not sure any metal versions were spared! If I remember correctly waypoint15 was approached by was not interested since they had stopped caching by then...


Man! They should do a new coinfusion project with trackable versions! Sorry kinda off topic. Moop covered all of the IndyDiver parts.

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