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Introducing... me!

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Hello fellow cachers!


I couldn't find anywhere else appropriate to post so thought I'd start here. I just wanted to say hi and how much I am enjoying Geocaching so far!


I was only introduced to it by TheSausages on Tuesday, and have started close to home and work. But I think this is something I'm really going to get into, it combines everything I love, the outdoors, adventure and mystery!


I'm right by Epping Forest, and also mountain bike so it's a great thing to combine with that.


So long, and thanks for all the cache!

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Welcome to the hobby Musha.

I think you'll find it life changing, 'cos no matter where you go... you'll find yourself checking 'how many caches there are on route'.

Each journey will take a little longer than it did before you discovered geo-caching.

Good luck with your caching.


North Wales Geo-cacher.

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