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Can someone rescue my TB


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My Spring Ducking Geocoin TB26TPF has been in this cache since 10/07/2011 GC2CK3F - Convento de Santa Clara and dispite 25 cache visit as yet nobody has moved it on.


Could somebody read the cache logs for me and tell me if anybody mentions the TB not been in the cache or could a local cacher move this TB on for me?


I ve read the last logs after the drop, Seems like the cache have vandalised by some muggle... according to log at 08/06/2011


Depois de alguns dias em Amarante o dia de hoje foi dedicado ás caches da cidade.

Após ter andado nitidamente a pastar lá por baixo, com o GPS a dar varias leituras, lá decidi subir até lá acima.

A cache apareceu sem dificuldade, mas verifiquei que tinha sido vandalizada. O logbook mostrava o resultado dessa acção.


"After a few days in Amarante today's day was dedicated to caches in the city.......

......"The cache appeared without difficulty, but I noticed that had been vandalized. The logbook showed the result of this action.



still there was some visits before that log, in spite they don't mention any trade of trackables.... the only hope, it remains is that some geocacher took it and drop in other cache without log... else... sorry for it.


best regards


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Many thanks to you all for you help. It looks like another one of my TB's is lost, this one having travelled over 18500 miles (29700 km).


I think I'll just let this one rest, if it turns up again then so be it, it not :cry:

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