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Pebble, Rock, Stone or Boulder?

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So often we hide caches near, under, on top, and jammed in and among the above.


So, how should we describe them?


I am thinking of something on the lines of this:-


Pebble - sort of marble sized, you can get several in one hand.

Stone - up to about fist size or slightly bigger, can be held in one hand.

Rock - needs two hands to lug around, you are not going to carry this far.

Boulder - this isn't going anywhere. Where you see it is where it stays.


Any comments / additions?



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Sounds about right.

Rock isn't a great term, since pebbles, stones and boulders are all made of rock. Geologists use the term cobble.

This might help



Edit - tried to fix URL, but it is still failing - easy enough to click through.


also, silly me, the term 'rock' makes about as much sense as 'stone'.

From the link: (the weird numbers result from the original determinations being in inches)

> 256 mm = Boulder

64–256 mm = Cobble

4–64 mm = Pebble

< 4 mm = Granule, Sand, Silt, Clay etc

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If we still consider a rock one of the categories then in my view a rock would be smaller then a stone. But wouldn't it be easier to go with a more conventional designation scheme?


Small, medium, and large rocks.

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From the various fun caches I have done in company of other folk this topic always features in the conversation BEFORE we find the cache! :huh:

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