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  1. I got the same Don't stress, the mods probably picked it up and have deleted it already.
  2. Oh dear.... I just had an idea for a mystery
  3. Congrats to TrueGeo who bagged his third century this weekend. A FTF to boot. Well done
  4. Present... (I'm an exchange student)
  5. Well done to two new cachers in the UAE. Pettersa has been racking up the finds and Pushing Tin has just started. Won't be long before we see a couple of half centuries...
  6. How about this bad boy http://coord.info/GC1HACX
  7. That could mean that we can still do that one with the presence of Skyjuggler. WWAAAHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  8. Dude!!! If nothing else, this program could simply be responsible for organising the best caching trips ever!!! My issue is that my mom is coming to visit for a week. She arrives early Saturday morning. I'm not convinced I'll be able to convince the old lady to come on a hike. But as soon as I'm available, I'm SSSOOO there! Cheers
  9. Greetings, indeed I was the very first to view the pilot episode of "Treasure Hunters". Very nicely put together with a huge amount of potential. I think my favourite part may have been the solemn look on Virus Zero's face when they'd been searching for hours and came back with a DNF. A feeling we all know too well. As for the post above, count me in... I'd lean towards the Hercules cache, that way we can sneak in an earth cache on the way. Providing a chance to highlight some of the geological aspects of the Emirates. If Carbon Hunter comes along I'm sure we could learn enormous amounts... As for dates, I'm afraid between work commitments and family visiting, I'll only be available around mid April. But if there are some other suggested dates, I'll try and make a plan to be there. Looking forward to it.
  10. Wahoo!!! This is my first win in an international photo competition... I'd like to thank my mom for all those years etc etc... Glad you guys like the shot. The Hard hat is actually balancing on a piece of grass that I hijacked from some nearby thatch. Behind the lens I'm praying that the wind won't blow again while the shutter was open. The island in the background is called Snoopy Island, from certain angles, it looks like Snoopy lying on his back. Good luck to all the racers...
  11. I only just stumbled on this forum this morning... Absolutely great idea... A great way to spread the caching word... Hope it all works out.
  12. Congrats to Carbon Hunter I was surfing a few caches (trying to solve the unsolved) and I noticed that the Hunter has reached his 8th Century. Many congratulations and may the next 800 be better than the last[/font
  13. Bummer guys. Sorry it didn't work out. Sorry for the poor defenseless SUV too. There's nothing more frustrating than something like that. You go through huge inconvenience purely for being at the wrong place at the wrong time...
  14. Good morning Sorry for being so quiet on this but things have been running away from me a little bit the last week or so. That unfortunately includes this weekend. I'm afraid I'm now unable to attend because I need to attend a training course for my work. Sorry guys, but I hope it's awesome. Take lots of water and wear sunblock
  15. Pity it won't be an event as such, but it'll be a blast anyway. Count me in! I'll do my best to get CH in a little early too...
  16. Fantastic. Thank you kind sir. Count me in!
  17. I just got hold of my roster, unfortunately I'm a little limited with time. I get off a night shift on the morning of 28 May at 6am, I'm off on the 29th. On the 4th of June, I'm working n the afternoon so I won't be able to make it then. Having said that though, if you do choose a date like that, I'll do all that I can to attend. Sounds like a blast.
  18. I shouldn't even have to post here... Carbon Hunters reply could have been, I'll grab Skyjuggler by the ears and drag him along Count me in, work permitting...
  19. A big congrats to Carbon Hunter on achieving the highest level of Earthcache Masters. Platinum status! A great achievement, well done!
  20. My first event cache in the emirates... Wouldn't miss it... I think a video conference is a way cool idea. If it catches on, we could have a mega-event
  21. What else can I ad that hasn't been said already?? You will be sorely missed as our local reviewer. Often when cachers get together your name comes up and you hold the highest respect from all the one's I've spoken to. Your outstanding diplomacy, your (24hr) dedication and even your caching sense of humour (XXX_Treme)! I wish you all the best in the future. Maybe you should run for president, I guarantee you'll have each and every cachers vote!
  22. Awesome idea for a bit of fun photography This is a pic I took in Tembe Elephant Park recently. Used photoshop to change it to black and white (HDR)... Not photography in it's purest but I thought it was cool... Canon EOS 20D 1/320 second F4 ISO 400 Focal length: 100mm Shutter priority
  23. I've signed up as well. It seems like a pretty cool site. Good job!!! Now just have to wait for a rescue request...
  24. Hey guys Sorry, I'll be running around like mad that week as I leave he country at the end of it. But I'm sure someone will be keen. Just remember: The Sandpit okes are a little more chilled and may need some reminding that you're coming down
  25. My posting here may be a little premature but why not...? I've recently accepted a post at Abu Dhabi International airport and will be arriving on the 7th March. Need to get my ducks in a row, get a new GPSR and then I'm in the game... I look forward to meeting some new cachers and doing some of those desert ones!! I already owe a big thank you to Carbon Hunter for his help and support... 29 sleeps...
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