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  1. I'm here. Looking forward to the new thread and lots more stats.
  2. Top Finders in a Province (2017 YTD) And, for 2017 .....
  3. Top Finders in a Province (All Time). I have been working on my SQLIte scripts and developed the following:
  4. Active caches by Type. Active caches in South Africa, sorted by Province and Type. Event type caches are excluded.
  5. SA Active caches by Difficulty / Terrain (by province). Here are all active SA caches sorted by D/T and Province.
  6. How do you get the Lab caches? I don't see an option in the PQs to get them. You need the GPX files for the lab caches (and then you need to dump them into GSAK) - these are available in a roundabout way (but only from the profile of someone who has logged the lab caches). I can send you the "recipe" to get the gpx file (if you have logged them), or alternatively email you the gpx files from my records.
  7. There is another way of exploring Placed and Archived caches. It is surprising to see the archived percentage varying so much among physical cache types. These are my stats (which I believe are good for total number of caches placed and archived in SA. Cache Type Placed Archived % Traditional 17871 6224 34.8% Multicache 1075 492 45.8% Unknown 2017 556 27.6% Letterbox H 111 25 22.5% Wherigo 44 2 4.5% Virtual 14 7 50.0% Earthcache 378 7 1.8% Lab Cache 21 21 100.0% (there may be more due to the Groundspeak initiative to allow users to place a single personal Lab cache) For Completeness, here are the event cache types. Event 1166 1142 L&F 10 Year 4 4 CITO 154 146 Mega 3 3 All Types 22858 8629 37.8% It appears that multicaches and traditionals are the ones that get archived most.
  8. I analysed my GSAK Database (I have slightly higher numbers for most cachers than Danie) This is what I get (Danie's figures in the DV column). I also used Danie's order. Cachers that have placed a high number of event type caches will obviously have more archived caches than those who have not placed many event types.
  9. Have a look at how many caches were placed in 2016 by Dr 3S, and other new cachers (who I believe are family members) That seems to have attracted a lot of people to the area to make finds. PT
  10. OK - Here goes - I accept no responsibility for accuracy But they should be good to within a cache or two. Active caches only, including event types by province.
  11. Hmmmm. I have done this before using GSAK and an Excel Pivot Table. Gimme a day or three ..... PT
  12. I wonder what will happen to the TB logs - can anyone answer that?
  13. No, the GPS trail was published in 2011. During 2013 several series were published, among them the Posting Box series, the Power series (in Bloemfontein), the Seaview series, the SR series and the Curse of the Nanos series. Nothing special, really. In addition - during 2013 there were a number of power trail caches placed in the iLembe district of KZN. Approx 150. Most have now been archived. Names like SR ##, ZR ##. TMR ##.
  14. Perhaps the active cachers are finding less because the fuel is costing more? And just to digress a little on new cachers - My gut feel from seeing the logs that are written in my neck of the woods - there seem to be many more "one day" and "one week" wonders. They spring to life, and then disappear after finding the dozen or so caches close to home. PT
  15. There are 312 active Earthcaches in South Africa plus 6 which have been archived for various reasons. For Africa as a whole 10 Earthcaches have been archived. 509 active Earthcaches remain.
  16. Hi Danie - I know you only keep African caches, so I checked on iPajero's total finds (including their recent US trip) and they are on 13796 finds - divide that total by 3252 days and their rate is 4.24 caches / day! Cheers and great to see you back here. PT
  17. V-e-r-y Nice!! Looks like it is "Road trip time" Just waiting for one of mine to go live, and a few more in the pipeline.
  18. +1. I have a few in the pipeline.
  19. Drop-boxed and email sent with link.
  20. Based on the fact that Challenge caches must have "Challenge" in the cache name, and be listed as a Mystery Cache, I did a quick lookup in GSAK, threw out the obviously incorrect ones. and was left with these 44. Awesome - now you leave me the task of trolling through them and making a Word document with their requirements [] :laughing: :laughing: I can print out a html file of the caches - and email it to you :) Say "pretty please" PT
  21. Based on the fact that Challenge caches must have "Challenge" in the cache name, and be listed as a Mystery Cache, I did a quick lookup in GSAK, threw out the obviously incorrect ones. and was left with these 44. There "may" be one or two that do not conform to the rules above, but apart from checking through 11000 caches, I have no idea of how to find them. Here is the bookmark list - SA Challenge Caches Hope that works An image is here - Image PT
  22. The problem with this many caches is that it becomes a big and never-ending maintenance chore - I definitely don't want to maintain 357 caches! I don't necessarily agree with that - It depends on what containers you are using and where you are placing them. Most of my caches are in nature reserves, and are good LnL or preform containers. That keeps the logsheets dry, and the locations are usually free of the "thieving" muggle problem. I only have two maintenance issues at the moment - one is waiting on the completion of roadworks (2nd stage of a multi - but the final is safe and sound), and the other will probably get archived, even though I have a spare container for it - it just gets too few finds. I do maintenance about once a month and it is less than half a day's work.
  23. Hmmm. Interesting question. But a few other factors which contribute to maintenance are worth considering (and not really quantifiable). I have found that here in KZN that maintenance requirements are mainly influenced by the following: Location Caches in nature reserves always require far less maintenance than urban park 'n grabs Container A good container (preform or lock 'n lock) will keep contents dry - therefore no pulped logsheets to replace in pill containers, lozenge tubes and film canisters. Placer experience Newbies have not yet learned the nuances of hiding and waterproofing, so a higher proportion of their first placements are maintenance intensive. (It certainly applied to me!)
  24. Danie - thanks for the stats - Just an update. Total FPs is now 100 for an average of 1.96. V-ixen and I are quite pleased with the way the KZN cachers have received this series. []
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