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Topo Maps - Which and Where From?


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While this may be good over on the USGS thread too - I may get more advice starting a new topic. So here goes.........


I need a good topo map to help with usgs benchmark hunting. Maybe a large one of area - or maybe of individual quads.


What should I get and where from? Also - should I get a modern one - or historic one (they may show more?)


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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If you want a Great Topo Program the Delorme Earthmate with Topo 9 North America.


Get the library and download until your heart is content. Install it on a laptop, plug in any GPS (or get the little Earthmate Pkg) and you are ready to go look for all of those BM X's! You can load GPX files from GSAK into the program to include NGS stations and get real time positions so you know exactly where you are at in relation to the "BMx"s on the maps.


Ask Klemmer and Azsouthpaws about our being able to find those granite stone posts a little easier with the this fantastic aid!


You really need nothing else ever again!



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"frex3wv," are you looking for printed or electronics maps?


For the former, you can order maps from USGS. Also, if you're near an REI store, they should sell quads relevant to your area.


For soft copies, I think USGS has a lot of georeferenced PDFs on their website. I haven't investigated that because I get all the ones I need from the California Spatial Reference Library, but of course that only has California and some adjoining areas, so unless you live here, that won't help you. Perhaps some other states have similar services?



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Have a look at these sites:



You can view a map with NGS benchmarks here:



The background map can be USGS topo, historic orthophotos, "Urban" don't know what that is, road map, hybrid road map & satellite photo, or terrain. It's a nice site.


Here is another map viewer that has USGS topo maps as one of the options. I like this one because it displays the lat/lon of your cursor:




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ooops - should have been more specific - I am looking for paper maps - the larger the better.

Okay, then check with USGS or REI. Here's more info:




I've used the CASIL versions of the maps to generate coordinates for the "X"s on the maps that are very accurate. That gives you a head start when heading out to the field with a paper map. If you don't live in California, perhaps you can find similar georeferenced maps for your area.



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ooops - should have been more specific - I am looking for paper maps - the larger the better.


A local store that sells surveyor supplies/equipment may also have the 7.5 minute topo quad maps for purchase. I think they are 22" X 27" and 1/24000 scale.


We have a supply store like that here in Monroe, LA that sells each quad for the entire state of Louisiana. They're all in drawers (like a tool chest), that you pull out the drawer and get the map.


You might can look in the phone book under "surveying" to see if there is a store that sells supplies nearby and give them a call.

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Well - Thanks to all for their posts - I did have success. I went to a local store that does commercial printing AND sells an array of survey stuff- INCLUDING topo maps by quad (7.5) Now I just need to solidify how I am going to mark on them to make them informative and useful in my travels to find marks! Thanks again everyone!

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