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Visits in the Dead of Night


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So a log proclaims that they visited the EarthCache at night <_< . Since the feature is a large outcrop about 1/4 mile away, the visitor didn't really observe the feature . However the answers were correct (probably due to research of some sort).


My initial thoughs are, too bad for them, they lost out on a great experience :rolleyes:. The log stands as they got the logging requirements correct.

Second thought is that they didn't really get with the program and they couldn't have really done the logging requriement since they couldn't see the outcrop at night, delete the log :mad:.


Obviously, the logging requirement isn't robust enough if someone can find and answer somewhere other than at the site. But really, how realistic is it to find a requirement at a famous location that isn't published somewhere.


Can a logging requirement include that the site must be visited during the day?

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I have actually visited EarthCache locations at dusk. There was enough light to be able to see the feature we were supposed to be looking at, but the photo appears as if the background is pitch black. If they had the answers correct, I'd let their log stand. If the answers were out to lunch, I'd probably contact them and suggest they try again in daylight some time.

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I showed up at an earth cache location at night once, hoping I could see enough by flash/headlight to knock out the requirements. I couldn't see any colors in the rock face, so I decided not to even attempt it.


I don't think we've had any middle of the night logs on ours yet. I'll reserve judgment until I see how, if at all, folks were able to satisfy the logging requirements in the dark.

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"Can a logging requirement include that the site must be visited during the day?"


I guess you could but why? Usually rules made for the rare exception are not worth it and only add a degree of confusion to the tasks at hand. It looks like the cachers met your logging requirements so there should be no doubt as to accepting the find. Folks, as we have said so many times...............it's a game! :ph34r:

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