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Help with creating challenge

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Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I want to create a challenge involving Kayaking or canoeing either into the gulf, intercoastal or mangrooves here and getting a picture of either the boat, GPS or cachers with a dolphin or manatee.


How can I make this location based to fit the definition of a challenge? Is the challenge way too difficult? How to prove it was done?


I went out Kayaking for the second time ever yesterday and I saw dolphins and thought of this challnge.


Input please. Thanks guys!

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Just because you can make a challenge doesn't mean you should. Same with placing a cache. Just because there is space to put a cache doesn't mean there needs to be one there. Challenges, as with caches, should follow the guidelines but also mean something to you. Like a cache they should highlight an area that you enjoy but may be too saturated or not a good place for a regular cache. If you want others to have a similar experience as you had the other day kayaking then get back out there. Kayak around till you find a good location. One that you really enjoy and may have a feature you think is interesting and unique to that location. Then get the cords for that location and use that as the destination for the challenge.

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I don't think your current idea is location specific enough. What I'm reading is take a watercraft anywhere in the Gulf coastal waters, I think you need a set of launch coordinates. As to difficulty, I think you need to answer some questions; ow how likely am I to come across a dolphin or a manatee if I launch from the listed location? If the answer is 100%, no problem. If the answer is 1% massive frustration. Is there seasonal and/or time of day restrictions? Are there commercial wildlife watching boats available? What picture satisfies the challenge- any picture of the mammal in question, a picture that includes a gps, or a paddle etc. My own feelings are that if seeing one of the marine mammals in the area is a rare occurrence, then making it the challenge goal is going to be frustrating. In that case I would suggest asking for a picture of the most interesting wildlife seen. This would lead to a wider variety of pictures and make the challenge more accessible to non locals but would probably result in anyone who saw a marine mammal posting their picture. One other thing you might want to think about is, what is the goal of the challenge? Do you want people to explore the area in self powered craft or do you want people to see marine mammals? These are not mutually exclusive but if you want to require people to do both it might change the wording of both the challenge and the photo request.

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Yeah, that's the problem I'm seeing. It isn't location specific enough because you never know where you'll see dolphins. You won't generally see them in canals.


I know of an island where you're likely to see either every day. Dolphin and manatee sighing are super common here at all times.


My goal with the challenge is to man a self propelled craft and view a dolphin or manatee. Too specific maybe.


Thanks for the input, something to consider!

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Your response makes me think that your challenge might be worded like this: Visit _________ island at coordinates via a canoe or kyack and take a picture of a marine mammal include a hand lettered sign showing the date. Marine mammals are often seen in the area. They are most commonly spotted at __________ (time of day, season). (Include some local information about the island or marine mammal status including any required cautions about harassing or feedting them etc.)

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