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c;geo not working correctly.

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So GS has finally done it. They changed the site enough with yesterdays update to stop C:goe. And since the creator is no longer supporting it the app will no longer work.


If you love the sport then show your support and spend the $10 on the Official app.


Erm the official app is pants for a start sadly. Cgeo still lives on - now called cgeo opensource. It is being updated nightly by developers so whilst original cgeo will not get updates, new version will do and has already been fixed since the update on geocaching.com yesterday

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The new open source will not let me inport caches and will not open the details of a cache into my HTC Eris


That's because the web site has been down most of the day.


I still can't open the details of some caches although the website seems to be running fine now. For example: I searched for the GC15G5C. It stucks while loading the details.

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