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Remove accepted but archived challenge?

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Didn't see anything about a problem I have.


Yesterday when the new challenges came, I saw a challenge that I thought would be easy to get, named "Find a Geocache" (http://coord.info/CXCF) so I accepted the challenge. Now that challenge is archived.


How can I leave the challenge now when I don't get to the challenge page?


I have 3 myself. As far as I can tell you can't remove them.


That's a pretty big bug and I'm a bit horrified that it was missed in testing.


Quality Assurance? System Testing? What's that?

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Yeah, I saw that too. Tried opening a "Feedback" item for it, but kept getting server errors. It seems as though archived Challenges should just disappear on their own and any acceptances would be removed.


In Groundspeak's world, archived means "set a status indicator", not deletion. Apparently your profile/challenges page doesn't filter out based on that status indicator. Again, a silly bug.

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I was just looking at this. I have a few accepted challenges and quite a few are now missing. No way that I can see to remove them from my accepted list - so guess they are just stuck there until they fix the issue.


Groundspeak is aware of this, and are working on a fix. There's a feedback topic that states this, but I can't bear to go wade through the feedback site right now to link to it!

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One way to prevent this in the future is to not accept challenges that don't fit the guidelines. By far the most frequent reason for challenges getting archived is because they don't meet the first test. If you don't have to go to specific coordinates, it is not a valid challenge unless it is worldwide challenge posted by Groundspeak. Flag it, don't accept it.


I believe this is one of the issues to be fixed in today's release, according to the feedback item on this,

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