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Alien Search & CITO - GC2Y6DX

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As many of you may already know, the ET Highway power trail is coming back. There is also a release event to help kick it off, Alien Search Party - The 2nd Invasion! GC2WK80.

But do you also know there will be a CITO Event as well?

On August 26th the Alien Search & CITO will allow cachers to give a little something back for the opportunity to use this amazing area as their playing field.

Cachers who are coming out to the Extra Terrestrial Highway for the release of the new, bigger and better trail will be able to CITO their way down the highway picking up trash as they are racking up finds. Then they can drop off what they've collected along the way at the Little A'Le'Inn right before the Alien Search Party event begins.

All who take the time to do some CITO work will earn an extra entry in the Search Party drawing which will feature some great prizes.

We hope to see a lot of people taking the time to help clean up!

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What a nice way ro give back to the area! Thank you all! This will help to reinforce rhe fact that we are really a great group of people. :)

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