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I picked up a pair of Tb's yesterday in my wanderings. Prior to my run, I checked for TB's to see if any were going northbound, like my wife and I for our vacation are doing tomorrow. None did, so I felt confidant that I could grab them if I found any. I DID find two in the same cache. I used my phone to double check their missions, and took them both. Now the dilemma... When I came home and logged them, I checked out their history. These two TB's have been together for most of one (TB3Y6XZ) and about half of the other's (TB3QVWY) journeys. Close to 1200 miles together. They have different owners, and neither has a specific destination. I have no intention of collecting them, and want to take them to a new home. The question is....do I keep them together, or separate them into two caches? What would you veterans say the etiquette is? I'm leaning to separating them...but I don't know why. Somehow it seems like they'd have a better trip individually, but they've been together so long that it seems a little sad to split em up...

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