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Another lovely TB story...

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8 and a half years ago, Nick and Ali released This TB in Fiji, with the mission to get home...


So - There I was, in Somerset at the fabulous Christmas in the Wild West event last weekend, and I get an email from Nick, asking me to rush out and collect a TB in Wirral, where I live....


Obviously he had to wait until the following day..... but finally, the little TB made it home from Fiji after a trip around the world... and how strange that it should end up in a cache so close to one of Nick's friends who can run out and grab it!!


Brilliant... I DO love a nice story!!!

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And thank you again. Anyone who makes mention of it being appropriate that HS rescued this bug - given it's name - is a dirty rotter! B)


We've been pretty lucky with bugs over the years. We also got one back that did 13k miles and came back with various bits attached to it to do with law enforcement. I blame the police myself (oooops - wrong thread!).


Edited as I can't spell.......

Edited by Nick & Ali
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Great journey for a TB. I doubt many achieve their final aim.

And only 3 years from SE England to the NW. :lol:


So still quicker than taking the train then.


Talking of trains - last week I bought a ticket to get to Swansea from Paddington for the Mega. When I first looked at it the ticket was £28.50 return. I looked again after a few days and the ticket had gone up. I thought that I had just missed the boat for the cheap advance fares. Then I remembered something a colleague told Ali - always delete your cookies when returning to travel type sites - especially when getting quotes for airline tickets. I thought I would give it a go.....hey presto, the ticket was back down to £28.50. <_<

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