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When out caching my step-son wants to hold the GPSr (Colorado) to find the caches..but I like to find out the route, then I can't moan when we get lost!

I usually let him hold my phone, but often the batteries die or I'm panicking every time we go over a stile or rocks!!


I've managed to get an eTrex for £20 off ebay (result!) which should keep him happy :)


Anyway back to the questions!!


- When you download waypoints using GSAK does it delete any existing ones? It's just it only has a 500 limit and there doesn't seem to be an option to remove the ones on the unit in GSAK.


- Has anyone updated the firmware using a USB-serial converter?


I was hoping it would be in the post today, but now it maybe Monday :(

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I have not updated it with the usb/serial converter but as long as your computer can see the device it should work fine. Just make sure you get the Garmin communicator and it will work just fine. As far as the way point I do not believe that it deletes them automatically. I think it may overwrite the ones with the same name but I always delete them using the method Bear and Ragged stated.

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Got it in the post today and it's an H model!! Boxed as new with manuals etc Even more pleased with my £20 :)


Updated the firmware and dropped some waypoints on it, now we are off out later so it will be a race who gets there first!! ;)

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