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Download Box to Small to Operate

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Hello all!


Feel a bit silly, but just got a new eXplorist 310 and am planning on renewing my interest in geocaching this summer. Got it all connected to the computer fine, downloaded the communicator okay, and tried to send my first geocaching to the device. The Send to GPS dialoge box comes up, and says


"Magellan Communicator found. Having issues?

Please click here to install the latest PC version.

Please click here to install the latest MAC version.

Magellan GPS found and ready for download.

Click Download to transfer geocache information to Magellan GPS."


However, the download box is below the bottom lip of the box, so I can't click it. No way to maximize the the box. Fussed around with it a bit trying different things, but I can't get the box to go any bigger. Any assistance is appreciated!




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You can download up to 20 caches at once from the search pach clicking on the check all button at the bottom then the downlaod waypoints button. Plug your device in to the PC and open it like a hard drive. Take the .loc file you just downloaded and drop it into that folder and you've just put those 20 caches into your unit.

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you are a Premium Member and can run Pocket Queries to load caches on your GPS, why would you even bother with "Send To GPS"?


Because this is a brand new device and I am just getting used to it, I am not a hard core cacher in that I usually only do one or two caches at a time not zillions and zillions so downloading by "Sending to GPS" works for me 90% of the time, and I have run pocket queries in the past (usually along a route) but wanted to figure out why very simple way of paperless caching wasn't working for me on this new devise.


Thanks much for taking the time to reply.

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