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Where to get what I need?


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Greetings all! Hope you are all keeping well?


I have spoken to Die Pienaars about this, but thought that I'll just see if any of you guys have some experiences to share.


I would like to get some Geocache items, for myself as well as my brother and friends that are cachers, like TB's, coins, etc. but the South African shops are often not stocked with what I am looking for. So you say:"But there are many international shops that deliver to SA that you can use". Granted, but in my experience I have had a couple of deliveries of other items in the past that gets lost or are held up at customs for a loooong time.


So my question is this: what shops have you used that you would recommend and that there was no problem with delivery? How long did it take? Also if there are shops to avoid online, please feel free to caution me.


Thank you for the help and have a great day!

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Hi VryBurgers


We have purchased many geocoins and other geo goodies from various places on the internet. We have only had two incidents where the order did not reach us and in one case one of the geocoins got damaged. Both these shipments were re-sent or replaced, so we did not lose out.


It is always a great thing to team up with other teams who also wish to purchase coins and goodies, because then the shipping costs are divided amongst the parties and it makes your particular order more cost effective.


We usually purchase from the following places:







We also know that BruceTP does a lot of purchasing on the net for geocaching goodies, like caches, camo tape, etc. So drop him an email to find out what he has in stock. You are also welcome to contact us when you want to purchase some geocoins, as we are certain there will be lots of other people who will also be interested to purchase coins and we could all share the load.


Another cacher who may still have stock of geocoins is GreenJaM - he purchased a whole bunch a while ago and he may still have some stock left.


Happy Caching!


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We also know that BruceTP does a lot of purchasing on the net for geocaching goodies, like caches, camo tape, etc.

I get most of my stuff from Geoswag.com and other hardware like bison tubes and camo tape from Amazon.com. Certain coins are only available through specific suppliers like Socalcoins and Oak Coins etc...

I have had no real problems with delays in customs. It is generally three weeks max.

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