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Reviewer note?

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I'm in the process of setting up a puzzle cache but it is not yet ready for publication so I have NOT enabled the listing yet. However I typed a note to the reviewer in the bottom box and this appears to have 'gone through' the system as I've received an email saying I've posted a reviewer note. So now will the reviewer will get this note but not see the listing? I'm still not ready to publish. Every other time I've made caches I've not needed to post reviewer notes. Help much appreciated...

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The reviewer will not see the cache until you publish it. He/she will then be able to read the note. If the note requests them not to publish until further notice, they won't.

I did this with one of mine, as it was related to remembrance I enabled the cache but put a note to the reviewer asking if it could be published on 11th Nov which was about 5 days later.

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You can edit a cache page and submit it as often as you want to check what it looks like. If the box 'Yes this listing is active' is NOT ticked it doesn't come into our queue for review. If you do accidently submit it like this, just use the links in the navigation box on the top right to disable it again. It then vanishes from our queue!! When you are finally ready tick the box, submit the cache and we get to see it. Take a look at my resource site (link under my signature) the page on Help the Reviewer. Gives you some useful tips. You may find the page on Permission and Guidelines useful as it links you to all the resources we use when reviewing a cache.




Volunteer UK Reviewer for geocaching.com

UK Geocaching Information & Resources website www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk

Geocaching.com Knowledge Books

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