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Dharmachakra Geocoin

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The coins arrived at my door this morning at 08:53 eastern (they look great) :)


The tenatative date for delivery was May 11th, so the coins actually made it sooner than expected. :)


No one correctly guessed the dates, so I have chosen winners by who was the closest to the dates:


The closest to the tentative date was Gatoulis, who guessed the tentative date of May 17th


The closest to the actual date was sheltiedogshowlover, who guessed the actual delivery date of May 5th.


I will be posting pictures in a little while. If the winners will contact me via email through my profile, with their mailing address and which coin they would like, I will get them off this week.


Thank you everyone for participating. Congratulations to the winners!!

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As promised, here are the final pictures:


Antique Silver




Antique Bronze




Black Nickel




I will be sending out paypal invoices tonight to those that have reserved a coin. I still have some available if you are interested. They are $9.00 each + shipping.


Have a great evening all!!

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WOW!!! My last post was the winner?? :)

thank you so much for the cointest Jim! For some days I was the only one posting and I thought that the coitest was over and just didn't understood it! :laughing:


WOW!! the coins look fantastic!!!


I'm super excited! I've never won a cointest and I love the black nickle version of this coin. :shocked:


I need a "jumping up and down" smilie face! Thank you very much!


:D Congratulations again! I will be sending your coins as soon as I get your mailing address. They are packed up and ready to go! :)

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