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Paperless Caching on iPod Touch

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Yes, via the gc.com app. Just open the "saved" tab and download your PQ directly to the unit via wifi. You now have all the information on your iPod touch just as you did on a PDA but better.


There is also another app out there that someone mentioned in another post that you can import your GPX files into but I don't know what it is.

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gc.com app is over priced and over featured to use as a paperless cache app on an Ipod Touch. Get Geocache Viewer. It was .99 when I bought it a few weeks back. It allows you to upload your .gpx pocket queries. You can load as many different .gpx files as you would like and view them all separately. I keep different .gpx files for each area I plan on caching in just to make browsing more efficient. It works great. I can't imagine an app better for viewing the cache info on. It does one thing, allows you to view your gpx files. And it does it better than anything else that I have seen. And it is 1/10th the price of the gc.com app. Considering you can't fully utilize the gc.com app on a Ipod Touch this is the way to go.


I am not affiliated in any way with geocache viewer. It is just a great app that works side by side with a gps to perfection.


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