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Sad News


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I'm not sure if people will know, or if anyone would have been in contact with any Hungarian cachers, but I wanted to make sure some of his local cachers knew.


Somloci died on Sunday evening after an accident.


For those who met him, I'm sure you know what a loss he is. He introduced me to caching, and his enthusiasm for life was inspiring.


Sorry to have to share this with you.



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I just heard the news. :(


I met him when he was here in Portugal, for an event. We had such a great time and took him and Péter to the train station. He was very enthusiastic and looked a very nice fellow. He had such a good will and was terrific in all the things he done for geocaching in Hungary.


So sad to see someone with such energy and positivism go away. May you find a lot of caches where you are.


Condolences to the family.



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May your spirit still be free Lori.


A really nice guy, a free spirit, and someone that brought a smile to many peoples lips.


I said 'farewell' to Lori at his final meeting at The Swan in The Rushes Pub, saying that I was sure that we would meet up on the trail again in the future. I am sure that this will still be the case my friend.


My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends all over Europe.

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Dear All!


Let me thank every one for the visiting and the praying in yesterday night in the farewell of Lóri.

If you can, please light a virtual candle for his soul and memory.




We will share informations about his funeral just as we know!





Just click to 'Gyújtok érte egy gyertyát'

than fill this barket: 'Neved:' - write here your name


Than click to 'Meggyújt'


Thats simple and donot nned to register for this.

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