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Hard to find caches

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This may be a difficult topic to respond to,but I wonder if there are any caches out there that have logged far more DNF`s than smileys and perhaps some that have NEVER BEEN FOUND!


The Shelter III cache in Indianapolis currently has 3 finds and 212 DNFs


Yup. I have a friend that has been there numerous times. Same cache owner has some other Shelter caches that are worth a look.


Also see A Real Challenge (Muther's Challenge).

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I have gone with a group to Muther's Challenge... who knows, it's hard to believe given the clues that we're not being messed with, but I assume that unless someone places a wildlife tracking cam in the woods and catches pics of the hider checking on it, we'll never know. At one point the FTF prize was like a $400 survival beacon system.


I would suspect that there's probably thousands of caches that have more DNFs than finds. One of the seed caches I made and another cacher put out was "upside down" in find count for over a year, it just went positive for the first time ever a coupleof weeks ago.


I cant believe knowschad's Little Chameleon has over 4:1 finds. Maybe it's easier now due to wear and tear, but it was my 61st find and my first foray into evil organic camo. I'll bet that there's easily 50-100 unlogged DNFs on it. Almost 2,000 caches later, still on my top five favorites of all times list.

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