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Creatures of Nightcaching - The "Gravehearts"- Versions...

Eric van Graveheart

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2936.gifHello to all Bat-Lovers out there! 2936.gif

First of all, I´d like to give you a little backstage info, of how it came about these versions of Ines´ personal geocoin. My girlfriend Mia and I like bats very much and so we are also in love with these cute geocoins. When we heard last year in june, after Sepp & Berta had launched the 4th edition of the bats (Vampire / Gold Glitter / Deluxe LE / Moonlight AE4) that these should be the last batch of the coins, it really made us sad. So we started a passionate plea to not let the bats die, but to continue the coins series. Claudia from Sepp & Berta responded sympathetic and complaisant to our approach! :cute:


Later in progress we worked together with Ines and Claudia to design our own color-, eye- and finish-patterns of these two editions, which now go by the names of our GC-nicks. Needless to say, that Mia and I are a little proud and very happy, that our "dream bats" came true. Thanks again to Ines aka ice13-333 and Claudia for their help and the harmonious collaboration!


Here, at Sepp & Berta´s site, you can find the official release information:


Our Graveheart-Editions were never meant to be sold, but rather to be given only as gifts to friends or to be traded. We had quite many people asking for the coins, much more than we had to give. Now there are only few left and as my girl and I need to raise some money we are selling a couple of them at the e-place, hoping to get a partial return of the expenses we had with the realization of "our" bats. Please click on the names or pictures below to follow the external links to eBay:


The "Mia van Graveheart" - Edition:

satin silver finish, translucent & soft red inking,

lava-flow gems for the eyes

LE of only 40



The "Eric van Graveheart" - Edition:

antique copper finish, translucent & soft red-purple inking,

light amethyst gems for the eyes

LE of only 40



Thanks for your interest and good luck in case you are bidding on our auctions!


With kind regards from germany!

Udo aka Eric van Graveheart

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This is one of my favorite coins. I love night caching and it's just so cute. The red is my favorite. I really wish I could bid on it, but alas things are rough right now (Aren't they for everyone.) and coin buying it out. I'll have to hope that I can trade one of my "little dreamer" or "10 years" coins for a coin or two that I like in the future. But if I had the money I'd be bidding on this one. Did I mention I really like it?

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