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  1. I have the same Problem, I either get blank screens when trying to see my lists or error Messages like "We had Trouble loading your Lists" and even "The Lists you are trying to Access is private (when I try to see my List "Ignored geocaches". See attached screenshots. The only List which is working, is the Watchlist, accessed directly from the Dashboard. Please help and thanks alot!
  2. It always worked fine for me, with Firefox and InternetExplorer, until tonight, when I received the same error... But hitting F5 (reloading) fixed the Problem for me also!
  3. Received mine today! - the Falcon´s squadron has made the long way over the Atlantic sound and save! They are SO beautiful - marvelous, outstanding artwork - simply real TSun coins!! Thanks alot Stephanie and I´m expectantly looking forward to what we will see from you in future! Kind regards from germany, Udo
  4. great work, gorgeous coin! email has been sent! best regards from germany, udo
  5. At this point I feel the need to take up the cudgels for Roger. I know him since 2009, even before I found my first cache, as honorable and reliable trading partner. Within this time I had about 10 orders from his shop, most of them presales and also some deals from eBay. ALL of them went very smooth and without any problems... I remember one time, in the very beginning, when I was just a "no-name" as customer to him, when he made a little mistake, that caused a delay in one shipping. The result was, that he added a VERY rare and valuable coin as a free extra to me... I think Roger is NOT the type of guy how would make a sudden getaway and ripping off all his long standing customers and GC-friends. I have myself an order of the mystery-TOL from the presale last summer and also an order of the recent Tengwar sale open at him, both still in the status "processing"... BUT the only reasons I can think of, that these are not shipped yet, is that something bad has happened to Roger. I can imagine an accident or serious disease, just for example, there may also be other reasons, to prevent someone from being online and response here in this forum... At the same time I really do hope that I´m wrong, cause I would prefer the loss of my money to the reality that the kind guy, as I have got to know Roger, has really experienced something like this. As long as Roger didn´t fall from a mountain in an deserted area, or something dramtic like this, I´m SURE that it will all clear up as soon as he has the chance to be here again, so please everybody don´t give up faith and don´t judge him guilty before we know for sure what has happened.
  6. Well adapting the winter theme and very beautiful!
  7. That´s exactly the same for me! A TOL was my first geocoin and made me starting to collect. And the SCAVOK coins in general range very high in my favorite coins... Dear Roger, I would feel very sad if there wouldn´t be any new designs from you...
  8. I think it fits nicely to the winter-theme, but - to be honest - my first spontaneous impression was that the woman looks rather androgynous... well, hard to explain... she has something harsh... just give her a sword in the right hand and she would pass for a young knight. Would love to see her more feminine...
  9. Congrats! They are well done and very beautiful!
  10. I like the Discover Your World II coin very much! Just ordered some for me and my girlfriend Mia. This coin really does have a great depth perspective and I personally have been at this very scenic spot in Monument Valley about 25 years ago. But also some of the other pictures from the contest would have made great coins, my 2nd choice would be Zion National Park. I guess the Discover Your World series could become an evergreen...
  11. The summer coins of my girlfriend and mine also made it to germany last week! Beautiful coins, we really love this series! Thanks Chuck for your great artwork and the troublefree shipping!
  12. Thanks Ines for putting up this topic and heartily congrats to Gatoulis for winnig the cointest. Thanks also to everyone who put some smile on our faces!
  13. Title of picture: "Eric and the Ape" - but you must decide yourself WHO is the Ape... There was a Nano-Cache hidden in the sculpture (better don´t ask where) and taking a photo of making a fool of oneself was requested for logging.
  14. A swarm of Iridescent Dreams made it over the Atlantic today! They are really GREAT, outstanding, amazing, fantastic... and Melanie and I LOVE them! Thanks Tsun, for these gorgeous little pieces of art! Kind regards from Germany, Udo
  15. Yeah... the woman looks good from behind, too! Gorgeous design! Very well done, also the full moon fits nicely to the autumn theme.
  16. Hey Chuck, no need to hurry: Haste makes waste... Autumn has not yet begun and Winter will last long enough... Btw: I guess Mucha hasn´t painted all his seasonal drawings, each within the according season... So take it easy and be assured that Melanie and I will happily buy your Autumn coins, even if they came out in winter! Kind regards, Udo
  17. Today we have received the coins! We are very happy with these Beauties, they are much better looking in real than the pictures. We want to thank EyeD10T for the great work and for sharing the beautiful old house from the drawing of his wife´s Dad with us! Udo + Melanie
  18. These coins are simply magnificent! Great design and very well realized! I´m sure, Alphonse Mucha would have ordered some right away - and so did my girl and me. We are very much in love with art nouveau, especially Mucha and we have some paintings of him in our home (Of course PRINTS only... ) but we recommend everybody who likes this kind of art and has a chance to visit the Golden City of Prague, to drop in the MUCHA museum, it´s really awesome to see his artwork in full size. Here are some of our favorites: We think, that with these coin series E&Cplus3 has done a superb job cachting the spirit of a long past but unforgetable area of art and lifestyle!! We can´t wait to see autumn and winter! Kind regards, Udo + Melanie from germany
  19. Hey Roger, you really should NOT feel guilty in any way about your auctions. You have created a very outstanding piece of art and people are voluntarily paying much money for. There is nothing wrong with, it´s a free world (ok, at least the parts we live in) and it happens every day - in all art-galleries around the world... ;-) I wish you the very best success for your futur auction!
  20. Forgot to mention that these auctions are going to end today, that is Mar 06, 201121:50:35 PST for the Mia version and a few minutes later for the Eric version.
  21. Hello to all Bat-Lovers out there! First of all, I´d like to give you a little backstage info, of how it came about these versions of Ines´ personal geocoin. My girlfriend Mia and I like bats very much and so we are also in love with these cute geocoins. When we heard last year in june, after Sepp & Berta had launched the 4th edition of the bats (Vampire / Gold Glitter / Deluxe LE / Moonlight AE4) that these should be the last batch of the coins, it really made us sad. So we started a passionate plea to not let the bats die, but to continue the coins series. Claudia from Sepp & Berta responded sympathetic and complaisant to our approach! Later in progress we worked together with Ines and Claudia to design our own color-, eye- and finish-patterns of these two editions, which now go by the names of our GC-nicks. Needless to say, that Mia and I are a little proud and very happy, that our "dream bats" came true. Thanks again to Ines aka ice13-333 and Claudia for their help and the harmonious collaboration! Here, at Sepp & Berta´s site, you can find the official release information: https://www.mygeocoin.de/product_info.php?info=p141_Creatures-of-Nightcaching-Geocoins---Bertas-Ed-.html Our Graveheart-Editions were never meant to be sold, but rather to be given only as gifts to friends or to be traded. We had quite many people asking for the coins, much more than we had to give. Now there are only few left and as my girl and I need to raise some money we are selling a couple of them at the e-place, hoping to get a partial return of the expenses we had with the realization of "our" bats. Please click on the names or pictures below to follow the external links to eBay: The "Mia van Graveheart" - Edition:satin silver finish, translucent & soft red inking, lava-flow gems for the eyes LE of only 40 The "Eric van Graveheart" - Edition: antique copper finish, translucent & soft red-purple inking, light amethyst gems for the eyes LE of only 40 Thanks for your interest and good luck in case you are bidding on our auctions! With kind regards from germany! Udo aka Eric van Graveheart
  22. Thanks to NepoKama, trade is completed!
  23. Hello everybody! I was a lucky goose and managed to buy the Pax Lil´Fire Breather from Dvixen in Australia. He is the cutiest little monster you can think off and the picture does not justice his beauty at all, I´m so overjoyed, so I want to share my happiness with you, but first of all I want to pay Tsunrisebey a huge compliment on here beautiful artwork! Thank you Tsun and I hope we will see alot more from you in future! Too sad, I missed out Tsun´s own sale of the other editions of Pax, but I have an extra Fire Breather and would trade him for his purple brother Hiccup. No sale and no other trades please. Purple is my favorite color and the Hiccup Pax the one I like most. So if someone wants to trade a Hiccup against my Fire Breather, just send me a private message here in the forum. Greetings from Germany! Eric
  24. One more vote from my bussiness computer... strange zebra-striped frog!
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