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Dinner in Wenatchee


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For the dinner following the Wenatchee Cache Machine (March 26, event page not yet live) I've narrowed down the choices for dinner to three locations. Anybody here have experience with any of them?


1) Royal Palace Chinese. Mediocre reviews, but right in the heart of Wenatchee.


2) Wildcard Sports Bar and Grill. All I know is that they've got a restaurant, and a banquet room. It's got a casino attached, which may turn off some folks (or motivate others). It's not Chinese food. East Wenatchee.


3) Super China Star Buffet. More Chinese food. Reviews say it's cheap and edible. East Wenatchee.


As always, my requirements are sufficient group seating, willingness to have separate checks for 50+ people, and no pre-event number commitment. Thoughts?

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Thanks for the advice. I'm gonna go with China Star. I'd prefer a juicy bar burger to meatballs in A-1 sauce, but the more I thought about it, the less family-friendly that the sportsbar/casino seemed.


Wenatchee CM I had dinner at El Abuelo, and it was one of the two disaster dinners we've had. The catered buffet ran out of food, and a local cacher had to pay for several more people out of her own pocket. We're not doing that again.

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