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I recently moved from one state to another and changed my home coordinates, city location, etc. But yesterday I received information about a meet and greet in the area of my previous residence. I have actually never attended a meet and greet so the only way they could have got my information is through this website.


Do I have to do something else to change to my new area?

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Did the invitation come from Groundspeak or from a fellow cacher? I think sometimes people send these out on the basis of found caches on the assumption that if you found several caches in the area, you are local. There really is no way that I know of for someone to locate your home coordinates based on what you entered as your home location and I don't think most people who are doing this bother to do that.

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Glad you guys mentioned the notifications as that is often overlooked when a cacher relocates. Each notification entry has its own location center point and distance setting.


As a feature one could set up new cache page publications for two locations, useful in cases where a cacher works in one location and spends weekends in another location, etc.

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