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I read somewhere that I can use the spare tag of an earlier TB for a NEW/Different icon_confused.gifTB. How do I go about doing that, since the tag has the same number as my other TB? If you have ananswer, please send it to me by way of my handle Fledermaus/Geocaching.com or send it to:





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Just curious, your profile shows 2 bugs owned and both seem to be fine. Perhaps you should send the cache owner or even someone who has already found it an e-mail to help you move it along. Many people will not pick up a bug with a specific goal unless they can help. And fewer will be going 50+ miles in the right direction.

Rather than placing your spare tag on the bug, print your own with the number and it's goal. You already paid for the number. Keep your owner's tag.


"I can't find the longitude for the North Pole"

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A. I im not sure i understand what Fledermaus is wanting to do.

If the tag (orignal) isnt lost (MIA) releasing the copy will screw up the mileage. Because with two tags using the same number as new people find and move the tag the the miles added will end up being the distance between bugc1 new location, and bugc2's last known location.

Confusing, but try thinking of what would happen if you had one in New York, and the other in California. As cachers on each coast move the bug your going to get thousands of miles icon_eek.gif added on every time the bug on the opposite coast gets moved. Unless you have some reason for want wanting the "new" location to ping-pong back and forth icon_razz.gif


B. Targetdrone, i think WE'RE suppose to send this person emails icon_confused.gificon_rolleyes.gif

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I don't know. It's just frustrating sometimes. I rescued T-Bug from being MIA and brought him from CA to FL. I placed him in this cache in Tampa on Dec 9. The next guy along picks him up and doesn't log him out. I e-mailed him to remind him to log the bug. I know he knows how, as he has moved them before (I checked the logs). I have T-Bug's # written down. I will keep an eye on this guy's profile and move T-Bug there virtually if he drops the bug off somewhere.


"I can't find the longitude for the North Pole"

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