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EarthCache Souvenirs


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As the souvenirs start to roll out I can't help but wonder if anyone has yet considered including EarthCaches -- a general one for anyone who has found an EC, and perhaps even one for each of the Master levels when earned, and perhaps one for the International day. I didn't see anything listed regarding this under the related topic, anyone know if this one has been submitted?

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A Masters level souvi sounds kind of cool actually. Since the concept of EC Masters was started in the GSA and Geoaware more specifically, I assume the request to include it in the souvi program would need to come from him. Due to the long standing Groundspeak policy not to promote the sport as some sort of competition, I'm not sure what the chances of such an idea would have. Then again, we have a Stats Tab on our Profiles, and I didn't think we'd ever see that sort of feature either.

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A "master's souvenir" would probably depend on the extent that souvenirs are broadened to include certain caching achievements. There are some location-based games where you can get special badges or pins for completing certain tasks or achieving certain levels. but souvenirs do not seem like they are headed in that direction. I put the master's award on my profile page, which is enough for me.

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From a programming standpoint, it would seem a bit cumbersome to be able to assign souvenirs when someone reached the various EarthCache Master levels. It would be easier to just earn one if you've logged 20 EarthCaches, for example, rather than the masters requirements of having them in a certain number of different countries/states.


Otherwise, I like the idea of a souvenir for EarthCaches - especially if an EarthCache is logged on International EarthCache Day.

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