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What are my chances?


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I am planning to release a few soon. After reading the forums here about what other people have done and have success with, I will be making double-sided laminated tags, or get engraved tag(s), with something like the following:


Hello Cache Hunter!

This is xxx. He is not a usual cache item to trade, but is a Travel Bug with a goal. The details are on the bug's web page. If you don't want to help him, please don't take him. If you do, please follow the instructions on the back. Thank you.


Travel Bug Instructions

1. Go to www.geocaching.com

2. On menu, click "Track Travel Bugs"

3. Enter the Bug's secret number: nnnnnn

4. Log your find, with a note and picture

5. Take the Travel Bug to a new cache

6. Return to page and log the new location

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Originally posted by Tubby Rower:

It seems as though someone has already done the hard work. All you do is fill in the boxes, print, then laminate.


I've done this route, put them in zip lock baggies, which works pretty well, but makes the bug a little bulky. I've seen other bugs that have smaller cards with the instructions on it.


Don't get me wrong. I think that site you posted is great, but it's not for every bug.


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The Washington State Geocaching Association sign is complete, but I thought it was too big especially if it all goes in a ziplock bag. The wording is a bit strong on that card too. I borrowed heavily from what other people have done with additional tags to come up with the ones I posted.

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As with any Travel Bug, who knows what kind of bug will make the journey. We dream, we hope, we plan. But in the end we are dependant on the kindness of strangers.

Fortunately they are mostly strangers who are much like us. There are a few who will intentionatly do you wrong, but they only hurt themselves more.


Faith is the key. icon_smile.gif


Captain Walker, Frodo & the gang

Dark River Rangers, Florida Company.

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