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large bug move

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A couple of problems...


A) You don't say where you're from.


:rolleyes: Depleting a bunch of bugs from an area kind of ruins in for those around there that also like to participate in bug hunting. Think of it this way: as you're getting ready to harvest all of the bugs in your area, what if an expert cacher came by and the day before yanked ALL of the bugs in a 100 mile radius. You'd be left with no bugs to find.


Couple that with the fact that it may take this person a while to log that the bugs are in their possession (or they may log it incorrectly - or (heaven forbid) NOT log them - and you've got people out searching for bugs that the systems says are in the caches, but aren't really there. THAT would be frustrating.


Sure, grab a few bugs that it would help them on their quest. I'm just a little leary of the phrase “as many as I can.”



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I'm helping along a few that needed it and will be bringing some back to replace them. The number is small and I'll not deplete an entire area. Your right, too big an effort would not be cool. SO relax, and don't let the name scare you. You BUGS out there... prepare to be nudged along a bit.



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As the originator of the thread that Markwell mentioned above, the generall consensus seemed to be that it was OK to gather a few bugs, but not to clean out an area of the country.


As a result, I picked none from the south Puget Sound area (they'd all moved on after I posted the message back in February!), and only picked up bugs in caches near Baltimore when I stumbled across them. I ended up taking three back with me.


One problem with this was my lack of net access while I was on the east coast, so I didn't know what the bugs goals were. I got:

MD Hare whose goal was to make it to San Jose. A good pick.

'68 Cougar whose instructions explicitly stated ''Please no air travel if it can be avoided.'' Oops.


Kermit whose goal had already been achieved, and who was rattling around the Baltimore area with no real goal any more.


Kermit's already been placed into a cache and picked up; I plan on dropping MD Hare in my Down the Rabbit Hole cache later this week, and I haven't figured out where I'm going to put '68 Cougar (who wants to make it to the Denver area).


So coming back on topic, I think it's OK to harvest a few bugs from an area, so long as you leave a few. And try and research any bugs you may come across before you head out.


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