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Android v1.1 Release Notes

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ver. 1.1.3


Hello, everyone.


I write logs and datails using HTML to read them in both of Japanese and English.

(Japanese characters are encoded in HTML format.)

In previous version(1.1.2), I have no trouble to read logs and details using Japanese characters. But not in latest version(1.1.3).

Not converted characters, the code itself is displayed.


I am using Sharp IS03 running Android 2.2(updated to 2.2.1).

Also this problem was occurred when my droid's version was 2.1, too.


I hope that this issue be addressed in the next version.

Or does this problem only happen on my droid? (If so, I'm sad :( )


Thank you for reading.

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I just saw 2.0 is out and noticed a few things.


First, I really like the new interface :rolleyes:


But, when I load a new PQ, I now only see the ones that can be downloaded (green check) which is fine. However, a 268 cache PQ now takes 15 minutes using wifi. Prior to this version it was almost instantaneous.


Next, when I "find nearby caches", the list displays and indicates 5 recent logs for a cache. However, selecting recent logs gives me a screen with just "More" (and the background). Selecting "more" then displays the 5 logs.


And last, searching for a GPX file from the SD card works fine. I displays the found GPX file, then selecting it seems to lock up the phone (no Force Close message)


Forgot to mention that with the problems, I removed the app and cleared out the data and reloaded as new. Same results.


I am using a Verizon HTC Incredible with stock 2.2 Android.


Hope this helps with the new problems. Been using this app since 1.0.


Rich (RGS)

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