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  1. I'm having some of the same problems as some of the above, such as long load times for PQ's. But here's 2 that weren't mentioned: When I "find nearby caches", the list displays and indicates 5 recent logs for a cache. However, selecting recent logs gives me a screen with just "More" (and the background). Selecting "more" then displays the 5 logs. And last, searching for a GPX file from the SD card works fine. It displays the found GPX file, then selecting it causes a Force Close. I tried with several GPX files. I removed the app and cleared out the data and re-downoaded as new. Same results. I am using a Verizon HTC Incredible with stock 2.2 Android. Older versions (1.1.X) worked fine.
  2. I just saw 2.0 is out and noticed a few things. First, I really like the new interface But, when I load a new PQ, I now only see the ones that can be downloaded (green check) which is fine. However, a 268 cache PQ now takes 15 minutes using wifi. Prior to this version it was almost instantaneous. Next, when I "find nearby caches", the list displays and indicates 5 recent logs for a cache. However, selecting recent logs gives me a screen with just "More" (and the background). Selecting "more" then displays the 5 logs. And last, searching for a GPX file from the SD card works fine. I displays the found GPX file, then selecting it seems to lock up the phone (no Force Close message) Forgot to mention that with the problems, I removed the app and cleared out the data and reloaded as new. Same results. I am using a Verizon HTC Incredible with stock 2.2 Android. Hope this helps with the new problems. Been using this app since 1.0. Rich (RGS)
  3. I used fingernail polish remover. Enamel reducer, Prepsol, and items like that should work too. The tape you received is TWO sided tape. Once the glue is cleaned off the GPS, remove the paper backing and apply the tape to the GPS. Then carefully remove the outer plastic from the tape around the GPS. It looks like it's 1 piece, but once the plastic is removed, it will leave a very thin piece of 2 sided tape, with 1 side stuck to the GPS. Then slip the rubber "band" around the GPS and align correctly before pressing everything in place. Rich
  4. Be careful about the part numbers. I have a Legend HCx which is the same form factor as the C. I ordered the replacement parts 2 weeks ago and they shipped the 2 part numbers above. Turns out 249-00069-01 (tape) is for the old B&W series but 414-00041-06 (rubber seal) is for the C and HCx series. I called back and they shipped the correct tape which is part # 249-00069-02. I was told the parts were $5 and shipping was $5 for a total of $10 (from Kansas to St. Louis). The correct part was shipped at no extra cost. But, when I opened my Discover bill, the Garmin charge was $19.37. I called Garmin and was told the first rep was wrong and the parts are $5 EACH and shipping is $8. Why $1.37 more? He said it was sales tax; I never realized they taxed shipping cost! They had these seal problems with the eTrex line since I bought my first one in 2001 and they always repaired them under warranty, sometimes more than once. I'm just surprised they even charge for the parts since it's an ongoing problem.
  5. So that being said, the price difference (in US $) of the serial cable and the adaptor is about $30-$40, so it's like getting the color GPS for nothing. Rich
  6. Or update your Legend to Ver. 3.70 which will allow you to use yards for your distance. The metric setting will still display Km, but with 2 decimals, so you can get down to 10 meter accuracy, such as 0000.21 for 210 meters or about 682 feet (39"/meter)
  7. Ignore this post!! It's working now. I upgraded to .40 with no luck. Then I did a clean install from .40, restored my GSAK files from my laptop, and all works great! Don't know what happen but I'm sure it was on my end. RATS! I installed the new macro and all went well. Created the button and "pushed" it to write the POI file for my NUVI 350 and up pops a window with "WAIT Token must be Yes or No". I'm running WIN XP SP2 and version of GSAK. What did I do wrong? Thanks, Rich
  8. scoobygirl, you're in luck. This Saturday, the St. Louis Area Geocachers Assn (SLAGA) is having our annual Winter Potluck and Cabin Fever event at Grants shelter in Jefferson Barracks county Park. Event page Here you will be able to meet, eat, and talk with over 100 cachers from the St. Louis area and across the river. There are plenty of caches at JB park and there will be quite a few you could team up with and join the hunt. RGS
  9. I would attach a magnet or two or magnetic tape to the back. Any flat metallic surface (under side of untility box [electrical, telephone, etc). It would definetly have to be somewhere out of the direct weather. the inside upper edge of the free periodical boxes (car trader, apartment finder, etc) also come to mind. Can you think of any other good places? I placed a cache using a diskette in 2002. It was hidden in a springhouse and stuck between 2 of the flat rocks that were used to construct the springhouse. I also used a Tyvek log so the moisture wouldn't ruin the log and being insdie, it wasn't effected by rain. The hint LR HD meant "Left Rear & High Density". visit cachepage
  10. I don't have the problem either with my Legend HCx. Are you sure you wern't looking at your waypoints as they were sorted by "nearest" instead of by "name"? You might not see all your WP's if you are looking at just the nearest but all WP's stored will appear on the maps.
  11. One other thing to check is to make sure you have the latest ver. of the SW. Prior to ver 2.60 (Vista, Legend, and Venture Cx), a lot of us were consistantly off 40-60' on longitude, but perfect on the latitude. Updating to 2.60 solved the problem. RGS
  12. I can't answer for the Venture, but the Legend and Vista will zoom to 20 feet. Depending on the resolution of the Venture, it will be either 20 or 200 feet. Rich
  13. RGS

    New to Missouri

    And we're also having a Cabin Fever-Potluck event at Greensfelder County park on Jan 20th. If you can make it, bring a dish to share and meet some of us local St. Louis cachers. See http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=gczd51 for the details. There's also plenty of caches to hunt here and in nearby parks. And welcome to SLAGA territory. Rich (RGS)
  14. Ver 1 goes way back, but I've used ver 4. With ver 4, when you load the SW to your PC, you need to select which sections of the US you want to load to the PC. I think there are 8 or 10 sections. It sounds like you didn't load the East or Northeast section when you originally installed it. You should be able to insert the install CD and select "update" or "modify" to install the missing sections you want. Then they should load into the MicroSD card.
  15. I forgot to add that both units had been updated with the latest software & firmware. That's odd. My Legend Cx, and quite a few others appearently from reading the forms, were off consistantly 40-60 feet along the longitudinal axis. But, updating to the latest SW, which was/is ver 2.60, fixed that problem. Initially I would always take my old Legend because I couldn't depend on the Cx, but after the update to 2.60, I leave my old Legend at home.
  16. I'll see if I can shed some light.... First, I live in St. Louis, MO, so I'm not sure, dollar wise, how Can $ compare to US $. But, I bought my Legend the end of 2000 and used it (still have it) until I got my new Legend Cx earlier this year. - Seeing that the unit had only a serial port connection, and I had to go buy a USB adapter was kind of a red flag for me. New computers nowadays don't even have serial ports. Does this mean that this unit is out of step with today's technology. Since the Legends are over 5-6 years old, they use the older serial connection, but that doesn't make them any more unreliable than the newer ones with USB. It just takes longer to load maps than the USB connection. I had to buy the adaptor too when I got a newer laptop since they quit putting serial ports n them. The adaptor works just fine. - Are there any free/shareware maps that can be put in this thing? Having to shell out $180 for maps seems like a slap in the face. I know some units come pre-loaded with maps, but are they similar to the base map I have in the legend? Also can I buy a partial map, say, a state or province at a time? I personally used Mapsource all the time, especially when caching out of town or areas I wasn't familar with. The Legend only has 8 meg of memory, so map segments need to be kept below 8 meg total. For me in St. louis, that covered about a 600 sq. mile area ( about 100 miles south and 75 miles west). The density of the cities make a big difference on coverage. There are no other maps other than those produced by Garmin you can load, and S&T WILL NOT load into the GPS. However, S&T and DeLorme maps (and others) will load on a laptop and the GPS will feed those maps (using your serial cable) as you're driving and show your location I'm sure you will get a lot of responses and opinions to your questions, so digest them accordingly. I use mine primarily for caching and with the new Cx, it also autoroutes. And without the 8 meg memory limit (it uses a MicroSD card-up to 2 gig) ALL the US can be loaded and stored on the card. Rich
  17. I saw the ad too and was in a Target here in St. Louis. The yellow Garmin is $99 but you get a $30 Target gift card so it's $69, which isn't a bad price. The price on the Legend Cx package was $249, and marked as the new selling price, but of course they were out. But with the $50 Garmin rebate, $200 isn't a bad price at all. I've already got the Legend Cx and love it, so the fact they were out didn't really affect me. Rich
  18. From what I can tell, 2.60 solved the accuracy problems. Prior to 2.60, I wouldn't use the GPS for geocaching; I'd stick with my 5 year old Legend. After loading 2.60, I made some comparisions between the Cx and older Legend over several days, and both units were always within 5 feet of each other. Then last week went on a caching trip into IL and trusted my Cx and located about 55 caches with no problem. There were 5 or 6 I couldn't find, so I got my old Legend but it led me to exactly the same location, so it was a "user error" locating the caches not a GPS problem. I had about 400 caches loaded, so I don't think there is a problem with the number of waypoints. Rich
  19. If you're going to be in St. Louis on Sunday, drop a note to "rgs at geostl.com", and we can round up a few cachers and meet you for a breakfast or lunch if you'd like. RGS (Rich)
  20. Glad you realized the problem. I hope you enjoy your stay in St. Louis and our caches. We have enough to keep you busy for a while. RGS - St. Louis
  21. I've had the exact same problems between my old Legend and my LegendCx. Garmin exchanged my Cx with another and the same problems. Updating to 2.5 and still no difference. My Cx is always about 40-60 feet off on the longitude, in the easterly direction, where my old Legend is always within the normal 15-20' error. Side by side, on a clear open field at the cache, the Cx shows the cache is about 60' east. I would never place a new cache using just the Cx because of this problem. I'm waiting too for a fix since so many users indicate the same problem. If nothing else I'd like to see an option to switch a bit and change the longitude by say 50'. RGS
  22. This is a great series of caches and very enjoyable after rain because of the wet weather waterfalls. It really isn't dangerous if you keep the kids away from the edges of the bluffs and the waterfalls. Very scenic with a few up and down hills but no real trails to follow. Pay close attention to the parking location and the details to get to the actual Labarque nature preserve. Make some WP's as you go to make it easier when you return. The toughest climb is from the road up to the first corner of the nature preserve. If you have no problem with that, the rest is easy and very scenic. I did this over the Christmas holidays and it was a blast. Rich (RGS) St. Louis
  23. I'm having the same problem with my Legend Cx. Went with a friend last week to create WP's for an event we are having and i used my Cx and he used his Vista. Creating 11 WP's throughout the park, We were always 60-70 feet different. The N coords were ALWAYS the same, or 1 digit off (6 feet)However, the W coords were always about 60 feet off (W 90 35.123 and W90 35.133) Mine was always about 60' too far west. Since that was really the first time I had compared my Cx with another GPS, I compared it with my original Legend today with both sitting on the driveway at my house. Again, the Cx was about 60' West of the coords with my old Legend. Looking for caches with the Cx was putting me off about 40-50 feet but I blamed that on normal tree cover and GPS errors. Neither has WASS turned on since it's normally hard to get a WASS lock so It's never turned on. Batteries were good, Datum was WGS84, etc. I was going to wait for a SW update but maybe I'll give Garmin a call on Monday.
  24. Check out the St. Louis Area Geocachers Assn (SLAGA) website here. Quite a few members live in the Alton, Edwardsville, and Belleville areas across the river. We are having a Cabin Fever-Pot luck get together at Greensfelder County park (behind Six flags in Eureka) on Sat. Jan 28th. Come join us and meet some fellow cachers from your area. Visit the event page for details. Rich (RGS)
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