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  1. Looks like he is enjoying it.... let it be! really does it matter?
  2. ... and indeed it is just that, a strange numbers game! lol
  3. Except that Groundspeak has determined that, with the exception of Earthcaches and events, geocaches listed on their site have a container and logbook. Sounds like a reason to me. Events have logbooks.... Wow broke a record today, made it through 5 threads before the "pile oners" made me have a stomach ache....
  4. You asked, here is the answer I will give. You have no idea if the co has permission to do as you described - move on! Or you may be one of those types that thrive on casuing drama and love controversy, if that be the case, you are on your own, I for one and sick up and fed of that type of person in this GAME. Not saying you are, just answering the question. BTW - I think anyone who reports anything in a game where adults hunt down plastic containers in all different kinds of areas is pretty petty. Move on....
  5. My sentiments exactly. I love documenting the places I go to find a geocache with pictures. Love saving hiking tracks from my GPS of said. My BaseCamp software is FULL of info! I will add, I love placing geocaches for other people to find. I love trying to come up with places and ideas of hides that people will have no choice by say so in the log, no TFTC's.....
  6. Agree..... it is not s simple case of they are just cheating and hurting themselves - briansnat said it best.
  7. Cache maintenance and visiting your caches is caching 101 - too many dog lazy cache owners IMO, get out and check your caches. Gas prices is not a valid excuse.
  8. I'd appreciate if you would quote me in context, in particular because I was careful to clarify my use of the word "demand" being in the "supply/demand" sense and not "I demand you do X or else". There is an appetite for finds that comes with attending an event. Organizers are responding to that appetite. Good job Nate, I like this concept much!
  9. Awesome awesome ideas there ChileHead! Love all of these you mentioned.
  10. New site update has broken this script. Really find this one useful, hope ya have the time to fix er up Prime!
  11. Still spewing stuff from your toilet on the forums eh? I should send you the sign I have hanging next to my desk... and I being nice about this, it says, Lord, if I have nothing good to say, please help me keep my big mouth shut. I came back to the forums to looksie around and I hear the same smelly sock opinion of the crusty rusty grumpy gang.... ain't ya ll got anything better to do that tear this place down day after day? Please...............
  12. Okay thebruce once again sets me straight with logical thought out words - thank you. Don, I apologize for my remarks.
  13. Sorry sir I disagree... a casual peruse of your posts show there is much more to it that that. You have been very negative around here for some time. Why so serious over a game? Maybe a break is in order. Not being a jerk, expressing an observation. Personal attacks are not allowed here. Hardly a personal attack...be serious. Some of you are downright outrageous with your words expressed towards GS, I point out that to someone and it is a personal attack?? I wish I could say something like grow (redacted) child, but then that would be a personal attack, so I will only say this: NO I am right, I just installed the GM script to pick icons, you have to be kidding me, there is hardly even a difference in almost all of them. The icons have NOTHING to do with making the site readible or not for any with bad eyes or color blindness, and for the record I have very bad eyes. The complaints are the sign of something else.... and that personified for some.
  14. Sorry sir I disagree... a casual peruse of your posts show there is much more to it that that. You have been very negative around here for some time. Why so serious over a game? Maybe a break is in order. Not being a jerk, expressing an observation.
  15. That's true. We are just the lowly customers... Who cares what the customers think? Really.... i hear ya Clan! BTW - Merry Christmas and thanks for your service to your community!
  16. Unbelievable... I hope I can find an excuse to go caching in NH. All of your caches look incredible. You're an inspiration. I agree, that is one outstanding cache! Well done and very intriguing.
  17. Why so the PO's can create two trillion posts of complaining? Please....... over icons, what a joke this thread is.
  18. But, they didn't even accomplish that. They made a worse mistake. Wrong..... the changes are very practical & useful even!
  19. I think that the changes to the icons are good. Actually very well done. What should "stand out" now does. The thought process behind the new icons was well thought out. Good job GC! On a side note: I think that if you sent $50 cold cash to each of the "pile on'ers" they would find something to not like about it.
  20. I strongly agree with this post. Virtuals done right can increase the quality of geocaching. I would love to be able to do as you suggested in your post Cezanne. Some times a container is just not practical.
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