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Hope I am asking this in the correct forum. I tried the search function with no joy so here goes> Where do I find instructions for inserting a picture (or pictures) in the body of my first Earthcache description? Thanks for any help you might be able to give a newbie.

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No problem. This puzzled me too.


You need to edit your cache listing in HTML format.


There are a few tricks to this - as you need to know some HTML code (you can get these from doing a google search).


An easier way that I now use - is to download a freeware program like Nvu.


I edit the cache description in a format very similar to MS Word. I then select the "code" from the appropriate tab in the program which I paste into the cache listing.


This works the best for me. also allows colored text etc.

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In addition to the standard html code for placing the graphic on the page - <img src="......jpg"> - there are some useful tags for editing pictures displayed in a cache description. I usually upload a slightly larger picture to the cache page for general viewing purposes, then use the height="___" and width="___" tags to control the size of the picture as it is displayed in the cache description; the "align" code to control where the image is displayed in relationship to the text; and the "hspace" and "vspace" attributes that will give some buffer to the text around the picture.


There are many html tutorials on the web that can help. And if you see a page that you like, you can look at the source code for the page to see how the person did it.


I use an image editor (like photoshop or infranview) to play around with the size of the graphic and see what I think will look best on the page. Then I take the dimensions of the size that I want to display (in pixels) and inset them into the html code.


For a picture that I want aligned on the left side of the page, with text flowing around it, the code I use would be something like this: <img src="http:\\location\name.jpg" height="numberofpixels" width="numberofpixels" hspace="x" vspace="y" align="left">


For a picture aligned in the center of the page, the code might be simpler: <center><img src="http:\\location\name.jpg" height="numberofpixels" width="numberofpixels"></center>


Don't forget to check the box on the cache page indicating you are using html.

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That's a great link GEO WALKER. I have used it before. Thank god for short cuts and brief lessons. I'm too old to learn to be a programmer! Thanks, since I lost the page. :ph34r:

If memory serves me correctly, geoaware recommended this site to me when I had the same issues.

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