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where is my custom map, oregon 450


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First, make sure that you are running the latest official firmware for your 450. I have a an Oregon 400 and had to upgrade my firmware because older versions didn't support custom maps. I'm not sure which firmware version you need as a minimum, but you should be good to go if you upgrade to the latest official one.


You need to create a \Garmin\CustomMaps directory and place the maps in \CustomMaps. I place my maps in this directory on the Garmin, but my understanding is that it will work on the SD card as well so long as the folder structure is correct. Custom maps have a .kmz extension. You don't need any special tool to copy them over. Just copy the .kmz files to the \CustomMaps directory using Windows Explorer.


Once the maps are loaded, you should go to Setup, Map, Map Information. You'll see an entry for Custom Maps. Click on it to enable it for your current profile. All custom maps have to be enabled at the same time. I don't think there is any way to pick and chose . . . it's all or nothing.

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